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{{For|other versions of this map|Recurring maps#Cybrosis}}
{{For|other versions of this map|Recurring maps#Cybrosis}}
{{Infobox Map|Face
{{Infobox Map
| title      = CybrosisII
| title      = CybrosisII
| mapimage    = CTF-CybrosisII.jpg
| mapimage    = CTF-CybrosisII.jpg

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For other versions of this map, see Recurring maps#Cybrosis.

Screenshot of CybrosisII
Full title CybrosisII
Author(s) Alan 'Talisman' Willard
Players 4-12
Music Wheels
Game Unreal Tournament
Gametype Capture the Flag

CTF-Cybrosis][ is a Capture the Flag map for UT, it's part of the first bonus package.

Item list


Weapons Superweapons
Bio Rifle x2 none
Shock Rifle x4
Pulse Gun x2
Ripper x2
Minigun x2
Flak Cannon x2
Rocket Launcher x2
Sniper Rifle x2


Ammo Health Armor Powerups
Biosludge Ammo x4 Health Pack x16 Armor x2 Damage Amplifier x2
Shock Core x6 Health Vial x16 Thigh Pads x2 AntiGrav Boots x2
Pulse Cell x6
Razor Blades x4
Minigun Ammo x4
Flak Shells x6
Rocket Pack x4
Sniper Ammo x2