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Screenshot of Tomb of the Emperors


Full title Tomb of the Emperors
Game Unreal Championship 2
Gametype Capture the Flag

Map Description




Another capture the flag match, but this time it's against the pinnacle of robotic evolution: Devastation. The Liandri Corporation wants to place one of their domestic robots in every home, and a tournament victory would certainly prove the quality of this model's AI programming. You're standing in their way, and Sobek hasn't been faring too well fighting them by himself.
Match description
  • Rivals: Devastation, Jackhammer
  • Allies: Sobek
  • Score Limit: 15
  • Time Limit: 5


As the above description says, it's the continuation of the promotional video for Liandri robots.

Female voice: Liandri.
Male announcer: We pioneered household robotics.
Female voice: Liandri.
Male announcer: Liandri research is proud to present the newest member of our family. Simply the most advanced android, ever. She's so smart, and so durable, that we even entered her in the grand Tournament. Household chores will never be the same.

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You were none led happy to this backwater planet just to find out that the Ascension Rites can only be won by weakling Nakhti citizens. Now you have a chance to vent your rage, and prove that there are no
Match description

Match name: Skaarj vs. Nakhti
Gametype: Capture The Flag
Player: Szalor
Allies: Torgr
Rivals: Anubis, Selket, Sobek
Goal Score: 3


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