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| players    = 6-10
| players    = 6-10
| music      = Level5
| music      = Level5
| games      = [[Unreal Championship|UC]]
| game        = Unreal Championship
| gametype    = Double Domination
| gametype    = Capture the Flag
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== Strategy ==
== Strategy ==
[[Category: Unreal Tournament 200X maps]]
[[Category: Unreal Championship maps]]

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Unlike the will o' wisps of legend that led unlucky souls to their demise, the gentle luminescence of the Gen Mo'Kai spirit lanterns guides you to your goal and back again. If you want to send any unlucky souls to their demise here, you're going to have to do it yourself.
Unreal Championship map description
Screenshot of Otaros Run
Full title Otaros Run
Players 6-10
Music Level5
Game Unreal Championship
Gametype Capture the Flag

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