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Greed is a gametype included in the UT3 Titan Pack. It is based on a custom UT2004 gametype with the same name by Mysterial, who now works for Epic Games. The goal of the game is to collect skulls left behind by killed opponents and to bring them to the enemy base. The crux is that players not only drop a skull for themselves but also any skulls they already collected, and the opponents can see how many skulls a player carries. Dropped skulls can be picked up by any player, so Greed punishes long-range kills by not being able to pick up the dropped skulls right away.

Map layouts

Greed is played on CTF and VCTF maps. The flag bases are empty and serve as delivery place for skulls.

While almost all (V)CTF layouts work well in Greed, there are also some custom maps with special layout for the Greed gametype that would not work in standard (V)CTF. These maps usually have a name of the form CTF-GRD-Mapname to identify them as Greed maps. Special Greed maps are not restricted to one delivery point per team or even the usual "delivery point in enemy base" layout.

Scoring rules

The basic rule is to bring collected skulls to the delivery point usually found in the enemy base. Each delivered skull scores one point for the team, one point for the player and one point for the player's Titan score. Like in CTF, titans are not allowed to pick up skulls. Skulls are not dropped when transforming into a titan, but titans cannot deliver their skulls at the enemy base. They will drop as usual when the titan player dies.

In addition to any carried skulls, players also drop additional skulls when they are killed by an opponent. The number of additional skulls depend on whether the player is a titan. Also, if the player was killed because of driving a vehicle that got destroyed, additional skulls are dropped. Tt reduce the mess caused by huge drop counts, players first drop red skulls worth 20 points, then gold skulls worth 5 points and finally silver skulls worth 1 point.

Base drop
  • Behemoth: 20 points
  • Titan: 5 points
  • Regular player: 1 point
Vehicle bonus

So, for example, if you kill a Behemoth carrying 6 skulls, the total drop is worth 26 skulls (20 for behemoth + 6 carried) and is dropped as 1 red, 1 gold and 1 silver skull. Blowing up a vehicle with more than one player, counts as separate kills. Assuming a Goliath kill where the driver did not collect any skulls and the gunner carries 2, the resulting drops are 7 (regular player + Goliath bonus) and 3 (regular player + 2 carried, no turret bonus), dropped as 1 gold skull and 5 silver skulls, of which 2 are dropped for the driver and the other 3 for gunner.


Bag of Bones
Deliver 50 (or more) skulls in one score in Greed against adept or higher skilled bots.
Skull Collector
Score 500 skulls in Greed. (in total, not in a single match)


  • Every single skull counts against the team score, but players with high skull counts are a higher threat and should be concentrated on. Especially if the score limit comes closer, scoring high skull counts can quickly end the match.
  • While sniping and artillery barrage are valid defensive tactics, they leave behind dropped skulls. Remember, skulls are not restricted to the killing player or his team, anyone can pick them up!