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| players    = 12-20
| players    = 12-20
| music      = KR-Morpheus3
| music      = KR-Morpheus3
| games       = [[Unreal Tournament 2004]]
| game       = UT2004
| gametype    = Onslaught
| gametype    = Onslaught
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=== Defensive===
=== Defensive===
[[Category: Unreal Tournament 200X maps]]
[[Category: Unreal Tournament 2004 maps]]

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Seizmic tremors and eons of erosion forged this battlefield. Adara Canyon is nature at its most awe-inspiring. But don't let the beauty fool you. Long drops claim lives and the corridor-like nature of the canyon makes AVRiL avoidance somewhat difficult.
UT2004 map description
Screenshot of Adara Canyon
Full title Adara Canyon
Author(s) Sjoerd 'Hourences' De Jong
Players 12-20
Music KR-Morpheus3
Game UT2004
Gametype Onslaught

Map Description

Adara is a relatively symmetrical map set in a long, deep canyon. A unique feature of this map are the unattackable "support" nodes, which are only linked to a power core and not to any other nodes. There are also various boost ramps for certain vehicles.

Pickups & Vehicles


Item and Vehicle map
Pickup Location
Redeemer On the top of the central communications tower.


Vehicle Location
Manta One at each base, one at each support node (5 and 7) and 2 at the center node
Scorpion One at every node and base, but the support and the center nodes (5, 6 and 7)
Hellbender One at the north (4), south (3) and center(6) power nodes.
Goliath The tank spawns at the east and west nodes (1 and 2)
Raptor At the east and west power nodes (1 and 2), on a higher platform
Paladin The Paladin is located at the support nodes (5 and 7)
SPMA An SPMA spawns in each base
Cicada The Cicada spawns in both bases
Energy Turret There are two turrets at each base and 1 near the east and west nodes

Node Layouts