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Jet v4.3.5

Jet v4.3.5
Unreal Games
Unreal, Unreal:Return to Na Pali, UT99, UT2K4, Unreal Tournament 3

Background Info

I've worked on small maps and little things in the Unreal Engine for some time, and played several custom maps for Unreal and Unreal Tournament under Oldskool. Over time, I've managed to acquire skills from several large members of the Unreal community as a whole. I started modeling a few months ago with Blender, beginning with some simple tutorials for v2.4 and moving on from those to make my own, which, for those that I presented as WIPs online, quickly caught the attention of a few people, in particular Mister Prophet, the lead of Team Red Nemesis, and I was offered the chance to attempt a weapon model. The model progressed, and at the end of it's development, which was followed by Prophet, the weapon was approved as part of the arsenal for Residual Decay and I was accepted into the team as modeler under the team's lead modeler, Kaka, and have designed further models for both Residual Decay and their newer project, Dead Cell. Additionally, I'd been contacted by Delacroix to do some weapon models particularly for his Shamu Quest remake, and a few other models for the same project. I'd also worked on some test maps and other maps, most of which I've now planned as parts of my own personal projects. I'm also in the building stages for at least one map for Shivaxi's WTF Series 2 sequel.

Personal Mini-Portfolio

Jet v4.3.5 ModDB page


Personal Projects
  • (Lead) Mapper - 2 projects
  • Modeler - One of the above-mentioned projects
Team Red Nemesis
  • (Auxiliary) Modeler - Residual Decay, Dead Cell
WTF Series 2
  • Mapper
Delacroix Shamu Quest Remake
  • Modeler

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