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Dodging is a movement technique seen in the Unreal series. It has become a trademark, specifically, of the Unreal Tournament series. It is performed by quickly pressing a movement key twice. It gives you a small upward momentum and a medium amount of horizontal momentum. This technique is useful for avoiding incoming projectiles or quickly getting behind cover.

Dodge Jump

Introduced in UT2003 and to be removed in UT3, dodge jumping combines a dodge with a double jump to provide a large horizontal speed boost. A dodge jump is performed by pressing jump while near the apex of a dodge. Dodge jumping allows players to traverse maps much faster than with normal movement, but the longer periods of being airborne makes them a much easier target. A dodge jump can also be performed after a wall dodge.

Wall Dodge

Also introduced in UT2003, players can dodge off a wall after jumping, double jumping, or falling against it. Wall dodges provide a larger upward boost than dodge jumps or double jumps, allowing players to reach higher platforms than would otherwise be possible.

Boost Dodge

Boost dodging, also known as boostjumping, is a technique that was accidentally introduced in UT2003 and subsequently removed from UT2004. It combines a jump or double jump with a wall dodge to provide a large upward boost. It is performed by jumping against a wall, then pressing a movement key then jump then the movement key again within the dodge double click time. The key in this technique is to have as few time as possible between the jump and the final movement key press of the wall dodge to gain the maximum height.