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Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict

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You may also be looking for Unreal Championship.

Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict, also known as Unreal Championship 2, The Liandri Conflict, and UC2, was Epic Games first console-exclusive title developed specifically by them. The game is available exclusively for the Xbox, though Microsoft has developed a backwards compatibility update for the Xbox 360 in order to play it there. The game was released on April 18, 2005 and published by Midway Games as part of a three-game publishing deal.

Release dates April 18, 2005 (Xbox)
Engine version Unreal Engine 2X
Game builds 3280-3323 (Epic Games)


Unreal Championship 2 began development in 2003 after UT2003 was released and was a planned sequel titled UT2005. When fans of UT started clamoring after improvements to UT2003, Epic decided to move UT2005 to consoles and began work on UT2004. UT2005 eventually became Unreal Championship 2, and was the first of a three-game contract between Midway Games and Epic Games.

The game was marketed as a sequel to Unreal Championship, even though, for the most part, it has nothing to do with that game whatsoever. The game was developed using a modified version of the Unreal Engine which later became it's own licensable product.


A demo was released in OXM on March 1, 2005. It was also available at retailers such as Best Buy as a standalone disc. Often the requirement to get this copy was to either pre-order the game or purchase some other game. The demo contained the maps DM-Deadbolt, DM-Praxis, DM-Remnant, CTF-Emperor and CTF-ViperPit and the characters Anubis, Lauren and Szalor. Only half of the weapons were available, including Rocket Launcher, RipJack, Sniper Rifle and Stinger.

Release Details

  • April 18, 2005 - The game was released to stores, published by Midway Games.


The game was received very well by reviewers, with the average score being somewhere around 90% on most sites. It also gained favor among many gamers, however interest in the game died off after a short time and only a small cult following is left surrounding the game. Many people's complaints centered around the game simply being too difficult to master, which was true when compared with games like Halo that had overly simple controls as well as auto aim. Also, most Xbox Live subscribers were still engrossed in Halo 2 at the time.

Game Content


Contained 23 different tracks composed by Kevin Riepl.

  • UC2 Theme (UT Theme Redux)
  • Abydos
  • Acid Rain
  • Adoratrice
  • Arctic Decay
  • Ascension Conclusion
  • Axon
  • Bakhu Ruins
  • Cancer
  • Cenotaph
  • Cold Fusion
  • Columns
  • Deep Core
  • Descension
  • Gauntlet
  • Khepri
  • Legacy (Anubis Fights Selket)
  • Nakhti Ruins
  • Nakhti Temple
  • Nu Battle
  • Recoil
  • Transistor
  • Temple Udjat


Single Player

  • Ascension Rites
    Follow Anubis to the crown of champion and the heart of Selket.
  • Tournaments
    Select a character and bring him through each level of play.
  • Challenges
    Select challenges to perform. Challenges include playing different scenarios of each gametype.

Multi Player


  • Health: Health pack appears in small and medium varieties.
  • Adrenaline: Fulfills the players need for their special abilities.
  • Energy Ammo: or "Tarydium", gives ammo for the Sniper Rifle, Shock Rifle, Bio Rifle, and Stinger.
  • Explosive Ammo: gives ammo for the Rocket Launcher, Flak Cannon, Grenade Launcher and Ripjack.
  • Super Health: Gives the player full health.
  • Super Adrenaline: Gives the player full adrenaline
  • UDamage: Changes the color of the character and projectiles to purple, and makes a loud noise with every shot. The ability gives the player's weapons twice as much damage and twice the firepower
  • Invisibility: Makes the player partial invisible.


There are four types of weapons. Energy weapons which are powered by Tarydium crystal (or waste, in the case of the Bio Rifle), explosive weapons use explosive ammo, pistols with varying alternate firing modes depending on character race, and lastly, Melee weapons.

Modified construction tool that rapid fires red-hot rivets. Can also fire a spike to stake opponents to the wall.
See also the Meleé weapons page
  • Cryo Staff
  • Cryo Swords
  • Juggernaut Fists
  • Legion Sword
  • Liandri Hammers
  • Molten Kama
  • Nakhti Axe
  • Nakhti Staff
  • Nakhti Swords
  • Necris Staff
  • Necris Swords
  • Skaarj Blades
  • Thunder Staff



The choice of character would only effect your agility, strength of the sword, and health. Light are quick and agile but weak with melee strikes with low health while Heavy are slow but powerful high health.

Name - Race

  • Selket - Nakhti
    Age: 26
    Birthplace: Nakhti Imperial City
    Selket is a princess of the Jehfar family, and a distant cousin to Anubis. Her desire to be Empress has eclipsed all other minor concerns like ethics and morality. Selket holds little respect for the animal-totem religion of the Nakhti people. She prefers instead the lucrative opportunities that the Liandri Mining Corporation can provide her and her future empire.
  • Sapphire - Human
    Age: 39
    Birthplace: Paso Robles
    Sapphire is soft-spoken, intelligent and attractive, and on first glance you'd never guess that she's a experienced tournament combatant. Her gentle mannerisms hide a vicious streak that comes to the fore every time she walks into an arena. Sapphire is known for setting the hearts of her many combatants racing -- but often for two different reasons.
  • Lauren - Necris
    Age: Undead
    Deathplace: Asteroid 35332-XA
    A former grand tournament champion, Lauren took her life after her boyfriend and teammate Brock died. The Liandri could not afford to lose two popular competitors at once, so they resurrected her with the horrific -- and horrifically expensive -- Necris process. One side effect: Lauren is only marginally sane. She does her best to share her demented grief with others.
  • Devastation - Liandri
    Age: 0.5
    Construction Place: Liandri Home Services Facility
    Inspired by the ratings success of earlier robotic competitors, the Liandri converted their brilliant new home service robot into a deadly killing machine. The Prototype is constructed with nanochamber alloy and possesses a giga-array processing unit. To further increase audience attraction, and home purchase, Liandri selected a sleek female body type modeled after a popular adult holo actress.

  • Anubis - Nakhti
    Age: 29
    Birthplace: Nakhti Imperial City
    Anubis is a prince of the illustrious Reydi family whose ancestors include fourteen former Nakhti Emperors. Favored to win the tournament ten years ago, Anubis left on the eve of the competition. Some say he was a coward; others speculate that political scheming forced him from the tournament. For the past decade he has served in the Desert Legion, honing his combat skills and revealing none of his secrets.
  • Sobek - Nakhti
    Age: 54
    Birthplace: Na'pt Bon
    Sobek is a grizzled veteran of both the Liandri Unreal Tournament and the Imperial Legion. He has befriended Anubis, and taught him everything he needs to know about Tournament fighting. He's not as fast as he used to be, but he's twice as cunning.
  • Malcolm - Human
    Age: 54
    Birthplace: Earth
    The most famous Tournament player, Malcolm is a nine-time Champion whose face is recognized on every planet in the galaxy. His winning streak (and his spine) was snapped a few years ago by a crushing blow delivered by Gorge in the tournament finals. Malcolm never regained his former agility, but makes up for it with decades of experience. The Liandri use him extensively as a color commentator in their pre-game shows.
  • Brock - Necris
    Age: Undead
    Deathplace: Deneb IV
    Malcolm's loyal teammate, Brock attempted to avenge his defeat and kill Gorge. His death was predictable. He was resurrected via the patented Necris process. Unlike his former girlfriend, Lauren, Brock has no memories of his previous life. Unburdened by remorse, he's free to kill in the Tournament again.
  • Torgr - Skaarj
    Age: Unknown
    Torgr is the prototypical Skaarj: cunning, brutal, deadly. His combat skills earned him the leadership of the Torgr tribe. He hopes a grand Tournament victory will prove him worthy of being Consort to the Queen, and unifying the Skaarj and their slave races in his ultimate designs of intergalactic conquest.
  • Raiden - Elder God
    Age: Ancient
    As an Elder God, Raiden has been cursed with seeing the devastation to come. When the Gods stood firm on their decision not to interfere in the ways of mortals, Raiden pleaded with them to take action, but they refused. Disgusted, he relinquished his immortal status to travel amongst the realms, gathering the support of the greatest of warriors against the coming storm. And there is no better place to recruit the champions of the galaxy than the Liandri Tournament.

  • Arclite - Juggernaut
    Age: 39
    Birthplace: Udan Keeble Community Creche
    Unlike most Juggernauts in the tournament, Arclite is neither a criminal nor a killer by nature. His presence in the tournaments is simply a byproduct of his genetic makeup. Watch your step around him -- he's not happy to be here.
  • Gorge - Juggernaut
    Age: 41
    Birthplace: NeoChiba Research Creche 9
    Gorge, a former inmate of the Allerian Penal Colony, savagely clawed his way through the tournament to the leader boards. Snapping Malcolm's winning streak, and his spine, in the tournament finals should have earned Gorge instant stardom and respect. However, his rough treatment of his fanbase negatively affected his ratings, and 'Gorgeamania' never quite caught on. Gorge is extremely irritated that Malcolm's fans still outnumber his, and that 'Malcolm Will Be Back' t-shirts are still everywhere at Tournament competitions.
  • Szalor - Skaarj
    Age: Unknown
    Szalor is a proud Skaarj warrior, who suffered the ultimate humiliation: he was captured and enslaved by his mortal enemies, the Torgr tribe. He tried to die fighting his captors and thus regain a small measure of honor. Instead he only impressed the Torgr with his ferocity. They entered Szalor into the tournament, hoping to watch an entertaining death. If he manages to win, however, he will be set free.
  • Raptor - Liandri
    Age: 7
    Construction Place: Merkady Production Facility 11
    Raptor was originally designed for heavy mining and factory work. In response to audiences' ever-increasing hunger for bloodshed, these robots were refitted with combat equipment and put into the arenas. While they're programmed to win, Raptor's primary task is to eliminate opponents in the most spectacularly bloody manner possible.

Updated Characters
  • Apophis - Nakhti
    Age: 22
    Birthplace: Khesafi
    As usual, Selket has chosen her man carefully. Her latest boyfriend, Apophis, is the scion of a powerful royal family. He's idolized throughout the land for his sports talents, not to mention his jawdropping beauty. His good looks are so heavily insured that the underwriting company requires him to wear a full-face helmet in the tournament.
  • Calypso - Necris
    Age: Undead
    Deathplace: Ogygia
    Calypso was at the pinnacle of her holo acting career when she was given an opportunity few can resist: a chance at immortality, to stay beautiful and famous forever. By the terms of her perpetual film contract with the Liandri, she killed herself and was soon rejuvenated with the Necris process. Sadly, fame is fleeting. As her films became less popular the Liandri resorted to other, less tasteful, acting opportunities. Her body ravaged and her mind numbed, the Liandri eventually dumped Calypso into the tournament circuit in hopes of making some profit from their investment.
  • Garek - Skaarj
    Age: Unknown
    Unlike most Skaarj, Garek doesn't revel in unnecessary brutality, and he has little taste for the bloodshed that inevitably comes from combat. He joined the tournament for the chance of true competition with honorable warriors, an opportunity that is rare indeed amongst the Skaarj clans.
  • Jackhammer - Juggernaut
    Age: 42
    Birthplace: Baleth Community Creche
    Jackhammer was adopted by normal human parents, who were unable to control the violent mood swings brought on by his Juggernaut temperament. After killing them at the tender age of 6, Jackhammer fled and soon ran his own street gang. He earned his nickname after his arrest and subsequent assignment to the Allerian work gangs, where he was the only human able to handle massive jackhammers that were intended for robotic employment. The Liandri heard about his strength and temper, and offered him a contract on the spot.
  • Judas - Necris
    Age: Undead
    Deathplace: Purgatory Penal Facility
    During an attack on a medical supply transport, Judas was captured by the Phayder and sentenced to their highest punishment: death, rejuvenation, and deletion of personality. With his mind and body rebuilt from the ground up, he now serves the Phayder as a Necris assassin. He entered the tournament solely to gain access to his next target, and this deadly sniper only needs one clear shot to achieve his goals.
  • Kraag - Skaarj
    Age: Unknown
    Kraag is the stage name of Kraagesh, which means 'Lord of the Krall' in the Skaarj language. This is an honorific title that was bestowed upon him for his effective use of the Krall in subjugating new servant races throughout the known galaxies. His participation in the tournaments is a hard-earned personal vacation that comes before another lengthy battle campaign.
  • Lilith - Necris
    Age: Undead
    Deathplace: Purgatory Penal Facility
    During an attack on a medical supply transport, Lilith was captured by the Phayder and sentenced to their highest punishment: death, rejuvenation, and deletion of personality. With her mind and body rebuilt from the ground up, she now serves the Phayder as a Necris assassin. She entered the tournament solely to gain access to her next target. The Liandri approved her application immediately; they love the ratings that come from such intrigue.
  • Merc Anubis
  • Necris Selket - Necris
    Age: Undead
    Deathplace: Nakhti Imperial City
    Selket's overwhelming desire to be Empress led her to betray her people and herself. Unable to believe Anubis' love for her was real, she forced him into a fight to the death in the finals of the Ascension Rites. After striking the killing blow, the newly crowned Emperor Anubis was blinded by grief at her loss. He agreed to serve the Liandri in order to have her back, and in doing so betrayed everything he held dear. After the Necris rejuvenation process, Selket is back by Anubis' side as his Empress, but their awkward relationship will take much longer to heal.
  • Syzygy - Liandri
    Age: 22
    Construction Place: Merkady Production Facility 6
    Syzygy is an early prototype of the V2 Liandri construction robot line. He was originally purchased for use in a small asteroid mining operation, by a hobby astronomer. The straight-line alignment of the planets for which he named Syzygy is a sign of good fortune, but the violent manner in which the astronomer was dismembered is not.


Capture The Flag



Bonus Content

The official bonus content was already on the DVD, but could only be unlocked via XBox Live. It contained four maps and ten alternate characters:



  • Apophis
  • Calypso
  • Garek
  • Jackhammer
  • Judas
  • Kraag
  • Lilith
  • Merc Anubis
  • Necris Selket
  • Syzygy

Additional Information


Main articles: Ascension Rites, UC2 Individual Ladders, Challenges




In-Game Awards


Awarded for making a certain number of kills without dying throughout the match.

  • Killing Spree: 5 kills.
  • Massacre: 10 kills.
  • Rampage: 15 kills.
  • Dominating: 20 kills.
  • Unstoppable: 25 kills.
  • Godlike: 30+ kills.


Awarded for making the amount of kills within the allotted time.

  • Double Kill: 2 kills.
  • Multikill: 3 kills.
  • Mega Kill: 4 kills.
  • Monster Kill: 5 kills.
  • Ultra Kill: 6 kills.
  • Unholy: 7 kills.
  • Impossible: 8 kills.
  • Unpossible: 9 or more kills ( will continually announce "Unpossible!").

Weapon Awards

Awarded for getting the amount of kills with the said weapon.

Other Awards

  • Cavalier: Achieving 5 kills using melee weapons.
  • Samurai: Achieving 10 kills using melee weapons.
  • Rejected: Killing an enemy by deflecting a shot back (in melee mode).
  • Combo: Getting hit by a Necris freeze attack while being a Necris yourself. (it gives Necris characters health).
  • Flawless Victory: Winning a round without a single death or defeat.
  • First Blood: First player in a match to make a kill.
  • Headshot: Fragging a player by taking off his/her head.
  • Brain Surgeon: Achieving 5 headshots in one game.
  • Interception: Freezing an opponent in Overdose in order to steal the ball.
  • Jumpy Bitch: Awarded while killing an opponent through excessive jumping.
  • Smack Down: Reflecting an opponent's charged adrenaline fueled melee attack.
  • Wasted: Shooting a necris with a charged pistol shot or firing a poison Skaarj claw at another Skaarj.

Gameplay Details

Epic installed a new melee system into the game where the heavy characters have a more power but at the lost of their agility while vista versa with light characters. Unlike other Unreals, players would have to choose two weapons (one explosive and one energy) to use where the ammo for each would spread throughout the battlefield.


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