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The reliable delivery of dismounted infantry has been a battlefield logistical issue for millennia. Vehicle factories require massive Tarydium stockpiles, and personal translocating devices quickly deplete their energy reserves on large battlefields.

In response to the need for a unified transport solution, personal can now be equipped with anti-photon Hoverboards. The harmonic oscillation of three radiating Tarydium-fiber flywheels provides enough thrust to keep riders in their air. Specially designed coil systems draw kinetic energy from the flywheels, powering a series of ducted fans along the underside of the board to generate forward momentum. The Hoverboard's agile design and attitude-based steering system does have one major drawback: the rider is defenseless, and any damage will usually result in a fall.

Note that the board does not perform well on low friction surfaces such as water and ice, but a magnetic grapple is provided should the rider wish to tow behind larger vehicles.
UT3 manual

The Hoverboard is a snowboard-like vehicle/weapon combination in UT3 vehicle gametypes like VCTF or Warfare, which allows player to move faster than by running. It is selected by pressing the key usually bound to the Translocator, usually Q. When on the Hoverboard, players can tow to friendly vehicles, even flying ones like Raptor or Fury, to get more speed. While towed to a vehicle, the forward/backward movement keys adjust the length of the tow cable.

Hoverboard riders will lose their balance and fall off their boards if they are hit by enemy weapons fire, if the driver to whom they attach to is careless and slams them into the ground or structures, or if they fall too great a distance. It's not possible to use any weapons while riding the Hoverboard, but unlike other vehicles, the Hoverboard can be used while carrying a flag or orb without dropping it. Flag or orb carriers can still tow to friendly vehicles for a speed boost.

Note that if you have a Shield Belt, sustaining damage will NOT make you fall off the hoverboard as long as it holds out. Once it's gone, further damage will cause you to fall off as usual.

Hoverboard Tricks

When riding a Hoverboard, various trick jumps can be performed.