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Health 100
Projectile Damage N/A
Melee Damage 5
Abilities: None
Main Appearances:

Small but blindingly fast, Pack Hunters are reptilian predators equipped with rows of armor-shredding teeth and insatiable appetites. While one or two shots from most weapons will destroy a single Hunter, they compensate for their lack of armor by outnumbering and overwhelming their prey. Masters of efficient killing, a swarm of five to seven Hunters can de-flesh a creature the size of a Brute in a matter of seconds. Since they possess no long-range attacks, and their close-range attacks are so lethal, Pack Hunters are best handled from a distance.

Predators (also known as Pack Hunters) are small reptilian (or theropodian) beings which are native to Na Pali. They make their first appearance in the Return to Na Pali expansion pack for Unreal. They are mostly found around Nali villages or in open fields. Predators are very agile and quick when moving. They attack by biting and emit squeaky noises.

Predators are extremely aggressive and will attack anything in sight, including Krall, Brutes and even Titans. This can be used as an advantage, by luring Predators to the other opponent, and let both fight it out (similar to the tactic described in the Nagomi Passage (dawn) walkthrough).

Their strength lies in numbers. Predators are never seen walking alone in the Return to Na Pali campaign, but rather in groups ranging from 3 to 6 Predators. Their bite may seem harmless (only chipping away 5hp), but Predators are fast little creatures, and bite often. Larger groups are therefor a serious threat. When fighting a group, use heavier weaponary such as the Flak Cannon to take out the first few. With only a few Predators remaining it's easier to keep them all in sight, which allows for the use of mid-range weapons such as the ASMD or Bio Rifle. Predators tend to freeze up for a second after being hit, which makes them an easy target. The ASMD does an excellent job of pushing the Predators back, keeping them well out of range. A safe way of battling Predators is to get onto a moderately high ledge. Predators are not able to jump very high, yet they will try to get as close as possible, making them easy and defenseless targets.