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Relics are mutators introduced in the Epic Bonus Pack for Unreal Tournament.


Relics spawn at a random location, stay there for about half a minute and then respawn at a different location unless picked up. If a relic is picked up, it will not respawn in the world unless it is dropped either voluntarily or because the player died. A player can only carry a single relic at any time. To pick up a different relic, the currently held relic must be dropped.

The six Relics

Relic of Defense

Relic of Defense
UT RelicDefense.jpg
Effect: Absorbs 60% of all damage not absorbed by any other armor.

The Relic of Defense is a special kind of armor that absorbs damage without draining any charge. It prevents a player from using a Shield Belt, but can be combined with Body Armor and Thigh Pads for maximum protection.

Relic of Redemption

Relic of Redemption
UT RelicRedemption.jpg
Effect: Prevents death and teleports player away.

The Relic of Redemption provides a kind of "second chance" to its owner. If a player carrying this relic receives a deadly hit, the player is teleported to a random location in the map and gets the default health back. The player keeps all items, including any weapons and armor, except for the Relic of Redemption itself, which respawns somewhere else in the map.

Relic of Regeneration

Relic of Regeneration
UT RelicRegeneration.jpg
Effect: Slowly regenerates the player's health up to 150 points.

The Relic of Regeneration slowly increases the player's health up to 150 points unless it already is above that value. The relic adds 10 health points every 2 game seconds.

Relic of Speed

Relic of Speed
UT RelicSpeed.jpg
Effect: Increases the player's movement speed.

The Relic of Speed increases its owner's movement speed by 30%. It also sets a fixed air control of 65% and slightly increases the jump height. Unfortunately it doesn't mix well with the AntiGrav Boots, whose 100% air control and increased jump height are overridden and never restored.

Relic of Strength

Relic of Strength
UT RelicStrength.jpg
Effect: Doubles all damage done by the player.

The Relic of Strength doubles all damage done by its owner. When picked up, any Damage Amplifier is removed from the player's inventory and it's not possible to pick up the Damage Amplifier again until the relic is dropped.

Relic of Vengeance

Relic of Vengeance
UT RelicVengeance.jpg
Effect: Causes a deadly explosion after the player died.

When the owner of the Relic of Death is killed, a large skull is spawned over the player's body, which explodes in a Redeemer-like shock wave after a short delay.