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Two sides, a huge cave in between, one bridge going from side to side, bridging the gap between two teams, bridging the gap between hope and despair.
UT2004 map description
Bridge of Fate
Full title Bridge of Fate
Author(s) Bastiaan 'Checker' Frank
Players 8-12
Music Level15
Game UT2004
Gametype Bombing Run

Map Description

Bridge of Fate is a large Bombing Run map set in a moody cavern. The 2 bases are divided by a large canyon that runs through the middle of the map. There are 3 bridges that cross this canyon, one of which is broken, but the gap can be jumped over. The bases feature an enormous hall with sky-high pillars and a few other, smaller rooms. There is virtually no z-axis gameplay here, apart from the Goal room and the area in/around the canyon.

The bomb spawns in the middle of the middle bridge. Reaching the opponent's goal is as easy as walking forward in a straight line. However, due to the large rooms in the map and the multiple entrances, a variety of routes is available. The Goal rooms are all the way in the back of the base. The Goal is placed on a higher platform, so the carrier has to walk up a few small stairs, and around the goal, to score a 7-pointer.

Weapons & Pickups

Bridge of Fate weapon and power-up locations.


Weapon Count Ammo Ammo Location
Bio Rifle 2 4 2 next to each weapon pickup
Shock Rifle 4 12 2 next to each pickup, 1 in each goalroom, 1 near NE & SW Lightning Gun pickup
Link Gun 4 16 3 next to each pickup, 1 in each goalroom, 1 near NW & SE Lightning Gun pickup
Minigun 2 8 2 next to each pickup, 1 in each goalroom, 1 near each Flak Cannon pickup
Flak Cannon 2 6 1 near each pickup, 1 in each goalroom, 1 near NW & SE Lightning Gun pickup
Rocket Launcher 2 6 1 near each pickup, 1 in each goalroom, 1 near NE & SW Lightning Gun pickup
Lightning Gun 4 8 1 near each pickup, 1 in each goalroom, 1 near each Rocket Launcher pickup
Redeemer 2 0 NOTE: The weapon pickup is placed on a high ledge. Requires use of the Translocator to reach


Pickup Count Location
Health Vial 12 3 on each staircase from the pillar-hall to the canyon
Health Pack 12 4 in each pillar-hall, 2 on each end of the middle bridge
Big Keg O' Health 2 In the back of the pillar-hall, ona high ledge. Requires Translocator to reach.
Shield Pack 2 Near the middle of the pillar-hall
Super Shield Pack 2 On a high ledge next to the canyon
Adrenaline 8 4 around each Super Shield Pack pickup

Tips & tricks

  • The easiest way of getting the ball into the enemy hoop is to simply run forward as soon as you get the ball. If you get the ball first, you don't even have any alternative paths. This path, although strongly guarded, has a lot of pickups that aren't useful for the defenders while crucial for the attackers: 2 health packs just before the hall of pillars, a shield pack inside it and two more health packs near the Link Guns. Here you have 2 paths to choose from - if you picked up the 2 extra health packs, it is probably better to run into the Rocket Launcher/Flak Cannon room (whichever is closer). If you didn't need them at the time, you can run through the main doors, which will shield you from the chasing players. Once inside the main room, you may run up to the hoop but lose time as the defenders inside shoot you, or throw the ball inside to get 3 points if your health is critical.
  • The best place to defend is to be in the hoop room, equipped with a Shock Rifle and standing just in front of the hoop. This way, you can shoot any attackers that try to go through the door back and stop them from entering - they won't even know what hit them. Once they manage to get inside, the position just in front of the hoop physically shields it from any attempts to throw the ball in.
  • Another way to defend is to simply chase the ball carrier. As you respawn very near your own hoop, you don't need to always be in a defensive position. But always send one defender to the room as it is a very good place to defend, and send everyone else to attack. When chasing the ball carrier, refrain from using the Shock Rifle as you will give the attacker an additional speed boost. Instead, grab a Minigun and a Shield Pack on your way.

Single-Player tips

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Author's Notes

It started with just the flag room. I designed it more for visuals and fun, rather then gameplay, but when I walked around it I started to get a feel for it as a base. I then added the room with the big pillars as a middle area and copied the base over. I kept the entrances to the base small because I turned it into a bombing run map.

In UT2003 you can throw the bomb ahead of yourself and then teleport to the same spot with the translocator without much delay. This made defending a base very hard. With small entrances the defenders have an easier time fighting against this.

Later I added the cave area as the new middle area, to make the map harder and a bit slower paced. The CTF version was modified even more with adding separate rooms on each of the pillar rooms, to make flag running easier. It created more hide and seek gameplay that way.

I was responsible for most of the layout / meshing / lighting and bug fixing.[1]


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