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Ball Launcher

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The Ball Launcher was added to UT2003 for the Bombing Run gametype and also appears in UT2004 and in the console-only Unreal Championship. Since Bombing Run is not included in the Unreal Tournament 3, the gun is not featured there.


Ball Launcher
Primary Damage Type: Launch Ball
Alt. Damage Type: Lock On
Manufacturer: {{{manufacturer}}}

The Ball Launcher is only used in UT2003 and UT2004's Bombing Run gametype. When a player either picks up the ball or is passed the ball, they will automatically select the Ball Launcher. They cannot switch weapons while they have the ball, effectively removing them from combat and making them depend on their teammates for cover fire. A similar situation exists in Unreal Tournament 3 with Deployables, although there are vehicles in most maps where deployables exist in UT3, which the person carrying the deployable can enter and use offensively. Due to Bombing Run being a no-vehicle gametype, nothing similar can happen there, unless special mutators are used.

There are only three ways in which a player may once again regain the use of weapons:

  1. The player passes or otherwise throws the ball away. Doing so will make them take out whatever weapon they were last using.
  2. The player scores via a Bomb Delivery, gaining 7 points and resetting the positions of both teams shortly afterward.
  3. The player is fragged for a fumble. Naturally, he or she is killed and respawns in their team's base, with only starting weaponry.