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The static towers of the Marakan flow have proven to be one of the most popular venues in the Tournaments since their introduction last season. The true nature of the modern gladiator is revealed as participants butcher their way to victory. Whether competing in CTF or Bombing Run competitions, players must keep one thing in mind at all times as they do battle in the poisonous skies of Purgatory -- It's a long way down.
map description
Electric Fields
Full title ElecFields
Author(s) Juan Pancho 'XceptOne' Eekels
Players 6-10
Music Level7
Games UT2003 (DE Bonus Pack), UT2004
Gametype Capture the Flag

Map Description

Weapons & Pickups


ElecFields' weapon and power-up locations.
Weapon Count Ammo Ammo Location
Shock Rifle 2 4 2 next to each weapon pickup
Link Gun 1 6 2 next to pickup, 1 on each path from the Goals
Minigun 2 8 2 in each spawnroom, 1 on each path from the Goals
Flak Cannon 1 2 next to the weapon pickup, underneath the bomb
Rocket Launcher 2 4 2 next to each weapon pickup
Lightning Gun 1 2 next to the weapon pickup


Pickup Count Location
Health Pack 4 View map
Big Keg O' Health 1 Center of map, underneath Shield Pack
Shield Pack 1 Center of the map
Double Damage 2 On the Goals' platforms



  • CTF-ElecFields was scheduled to be included in the retail version of UT2003, but it got cut because "the shadows/decals were killing it". (source) It, however, got launched as part of the DE Bonus Pack.
  • The whole map was originally modelled as one, huge static mesh. Later on it was split to several, smaller static meshes. Juan Pancho Eekels has a picture of the structure mesh on his website: [1]
  • On the inside of the central structure, the level's author has left his signature on a wall.