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This Jumpgate was originally set up by the N.E.G. in an attempt to encourage trade relations with the people of the Omicron sector. Trade negotiations eventually fell apart, and the Necris took control of the orbital station, retrofitting it with nanoblack couplings and architecture.
Unreal Tournament 3 map description
OmicronDawn's Levelshot
Full title Omicron Dawn
Players 6-10
Music LockDown
Game Unreal Tournament 3
Gametype Capture the Flag

Map Description

Weapons & Pickups


Weapon Count Ammo Ammo Location
Link Gun 2 Take a right at the Rocket Launcher or take the bridge on your right flank.
Rocket Launcher 2 One straight out of each base (low) with ammo.
Sniper Rifle 2 At each sniper window overlooking the midfield. There is ammo nearby behind a wall.


Pickup Count Location
Health Vial Mostly the paths between the bases and midfield.
Health Pack Mostly the paths between the bases and midfield.
Helmet 2 Under each sniper window.
Armor 2 One by each flag.

Tips & Tricks

  • "Hmm...Sniper Rifle...overlooking midfield...kinda like Facing Worlds where I just sat there and blew the heads off everyone."
  • There are many paths to take to the flag. If you are carrying the flag, your paths are limited to an extent.


  • The name of this map was originally "Dead Planet", but near the end of the game's production, it was dropped. Then, a contest was held at the Epic Games' Forums. The winner was keyrat, who was also credited in the game.

Single Player

Akasha bugged out planet-side and our ship wasn't made for landing in atmosphere. If we're gonna get this bucket down in one piece, we need more power-cells to boost the shields. We've been disavowed by the Izanagi and we're already breaking every law in the books. S'hell, we might as well stop here and steal a few cells for the ship. I wouldn't be surprised if Loque's waiting for us -with a death squad- so be ready.

Mission Objectives

  • Disable the enemy Respawner by removing its FLaGs.
  • Use caution while crossing bridges. They offer only limited protection.

Win this match to unlock the Loque card.

Voice Chat

Upon visual of Loque:

Reaper: There's Loque! Now's our chance, let's take that bastard down!
Bishop: We shall take revenge on all who oppose us!