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Chris Perna

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Chris Perna is a Lead Artist for Epic Games. Joining the company during the production of the 2nd generation Unreal titles (UT2003 and Unreal 2), Chris quickly made his way up to become the Lead Artist for the Gears of War series and Unreal Tournament 4.

General Information

From the age of 2, Chris has always been drawing monsters and wanted to turn it into a career. Following his teachers' advice, he pursued a career in advertising and graphic design for a few years, before getting hooked on games like Doom, Doom2, and most of all: Quake. When id's John Romero announced his plans to form a new company (Ion Storm), Chris applied and was hired to make textures, skins and models for Anachronox, Daikatana and Deus Ex.

Within a year, both Chris and Lee Perry jumped ship to Epic Games to work on UT2003. After having made levels and skins for that game and its bonus packs, Chris was named Lead Artist of the Gears of War team, where he was in charge of character/monster and environmental design among other things. Chris is believed to be the main influence in the design of the game's main enemy: The Locust.

List of Contributions

Unreal Tournament 2003/2004

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