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Cybernetic "creatures" are relatively ill-defined in the Unreal universe. In some instances, it refers to humans/other biological creatures who have been given robot parts, or even had their body entirely replaced by robotics, while in the next breath it means robots with artificial intelligence.

The line is never made clear and the terms "Cybernetic" and "Robot" are often used interchangeably, meaning that Xan Kriegor, Fate, and Widowmaker are each described at some point as "Cybernetic", even though Xan is likely an AI (though there is a possibility he was once human), Fate is a human with many but not total cybernetic replacements, and Widowmaker is 100% robotic AI. Therefore, common sense should be applied whenever the word "Cybernetic" is used to describe one's race in Unreal, unless Epic Games properly retcons the definitions.

The characters seen in the Blood Fist team are referred to as both Cybernetic and Automatons, although the term Automatons is more specific.