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Prieth Callas was a hard, cruel man, fond of torturing his enemies before sending them to their deaths. He raised creatures of great size and ferocity, setting them against his prisoners in arenas of his own creation. Grendelkeep is the last of his diabolical constructions, left to fall into ruin after Callas was dragged from the battlements by his own men and fed to the creatures he bred in the dark kennels below. The rain has washed away the blood, but the evil that bred here has left a much deeper stain.
map description
Full title Grendelkeep
Author(s) Scott 'Goose' McGregor
Players 2-10
Music KR-level16
Games UT2003 (DE bonus pack), UT2004
Gametype Deathmatch

Map Description

Weapons & Pickups


Grendelkeep weapon and power-up locations.
Weapon Count Ammo Ammo Location
Assault Rifle 0 2 1 on ledge in main room, 1 east.
Shock Rifle 1 4 1 inside, 2 south of, & 1 east of main hall
Link Gun 2 6 2 in main room. 3 in eastern room. 1 near western Health Pack
Minigun 1 6 3 in eastern room. 2 in Main hall (1 on ledge). 1 near western Health Pack
Flak Cannon 1 4 2 in main hall (1 on catwalk), 1 at western Health Pack. 1 in eastern room.
Rocket Launcher 1 4 2 in main hall (1 on catwalk). 1 west & east of southern Health Pack
Sniper Rifle 1 2 North and south ends of the trench in eastern room.


Pickup Count Location
Health Vial 14 4 near Shield Pack. 5 below Rocket Launcher. 5 on ledge in Main Hall
Health Pack 4 View map
Shield Pack 1 On a ledge next to the large rotating staircase
Super Shield Pack 1 In the middle of the main hall, on the middle level
Double Damage 1 On a high ledge in the eastern room.
Adrenaline 5 3 between Rocket Launcher and Double Damage. 2 next to Shield Pack

Tips & Tricks

  • You can lift-jump from the Shock Rifle to the upper Link Gun or the Lightning Gun.


  • The name of the map, and part of it's description, are taken from Beowulf.

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