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High above Calaban VII, Goliath class orbital power stations provide the thriving colonies below with both power and protection. Virtually immune to small arms fire, the platforms have become popular staging arenas for the tournaments. Occasional radiation leakage has resulted in arenas that are not only entertaining, but self-cleaning too.
UT2004 map description
Full title Goliath
Author(s) Dave Ewing
Players 4-8
Music level11
Game UT2004
Gametype Deathmatch

Map Description

Weapons & Pickups


Goliath weapon and power-up locations.
Weapon Count Ammo Ammo Location
Bio Rifle 1 6 2 near eastern teleport. 1 near Shield Pack. 1 near RL, 1 near LG, 1 on top level
Shock Rifle 1 5 1 near Flak, 1 above Bio, 1 near eastern teleport, 2 between RL and 2 Health Packs
Link Gun 2 4 2 above Lightning Gun, 1 near RL, 1 next to eastern teleporter
Minigun 1 4 1 near Flak, 1 near RL, 1 near eastern teleporter, 1 near Shield Pack
Flak Cannon 1 3 1 above Bio, 1 near Lightning Gun, 1 on the top level
Rocket Launcher 1 4 1 above Bio, 1 above Shock, 1 near eastern teleporter, 1 on top level
Lightning Gun 1 4 1 above Shock, 1 near eastern teleporter, 1 on top level, 1 near pickup
Redeemer 1 0 NOTE: The weapon is located on a platform, suspended onto the ceiling


Pickup Count Location
Health Vial 13 6 next to rotating staircase. 3 on top level. 4 above eastern teleporter
Health Pack 6 View map
Shield Pack 1 On the end of the ledge next to the large rotating stairs
Super Shield Pack 1 On a high ledge, above the Lightning Gun
Double Damage 1 Above the eastern teleporter
Adrenaline 5 2 on the top level. 3 between Rocket Launcher and Shock Rifle

Tips & Tricks

  • Use a Lift-Jump or a Wall-Dodge-Jump to reach the Redeemer.

Single-Player tips

  • Winning this map in the SP Ladder unlocks the Double Domination ladder.

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