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The Isle of Babel is a religious sanctuary for the Necris, a place where they can commune with the very essence of their being, and create a personal connection to the nanoblack coursing through their veins.
Unreal Tournament 3 map description
Full title Sanctuary
Players 6-10
Music RomAsia02_DM
Game Unreal Tournament 3
Gametype Deathmatch

Map Description

Weapons & Pickups



Tips & tricks


  • In the Kismet browser, Akasha was meant to say "I will punish you" after the fifth frag, and there's even the audio cue, but in the end another audio cue was used.

Campaign Info


Akasha's been abandoned by the Phayder corporation *and* the military, so now she wants sanctuary from the church. The necris Scylla didn't fall for her deathbed conversion so they sent her to Babel to focus the spires and *prove* her faith. Instead, she barricaded herself in the sacred temple grounds and she's waiting for us. Time to show the necris her true colors.

Mission Objectives

  • Keep enemies in check until their Respawner charges are depleted.
  • Glowing spires alert you to the presence of a Redeemer on the distant platform.

Voice Chat

(At the beginning of the match)

Reaper: Bishop, get to high ground.
Bishop: All will sing praises of the most high.

(Bishop gets in position)

Bishop: Sniper in position.

(At the third frag)

Akasha: You will pay for this desecration...
Reaper: ...and you will pay for yours!

(At the fifth and seventh frag)

Akasha: I cannot truly die

(At the ninth frag)

Akasha: Nanoblack rebirth!

(When the Redeemer spawns)

Jester: Towers are lit. Grab that powerup!