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During transport to the Kalendra Ice Fields a malfunction in the nav computer caused the cargo vessel carrying your team to become locked on a collision course with the shoreline of the Belicosian sea.

The pilots have abandoned ship on orders of Imperial command. The League is calling upon you to take part in an impromptu match on your crippled carrier. The winners teleport to safety. The losers don't.

Maintaining possession of the teleport control grids is imperative to your survival. Good luck.
map description
Screenshot of HMCS Toronto
Full title HMCS Toronto
Author(s) Dave Ewing
Players 2-6
Music Level2
Games Unreal Championship
Gametype Unknown

Map Description

Weapons & Pickups




  • This map was a cut map from the Unreal Championship betas. It was never featured in any game, aside of the betas.