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If you look at a page on the wiki, you will find three main navigation elements: The sidebar on the left gives you a starting point to some of the more important pages on the wiki. At the top of the page are the links that belong to the page currently displayed, including the discussion page, the version history, and the edit link.


The sidebar is displayed on the left edge of the page below the site logo. This sidebar gives you access to the important pages on the wiki, such as the recent changes or the community portal.


  • Clicking the main page link will bring you back to the start of the wiki.
  • Recent changes is a special page which allows you to track the last edits made in the wiki.
  • Random page takes you to a completely random page.
  • Finally, clicking on the Help link will take you to the site help files.


The sections, also referred to as the game pages, are the main pages associated with each of their respective games. By clicking these links, you can find out more about each game, as well as find links to specific walkthroughs related to the game.


These links focus on the community that helps write and edit the wiki, and they provide places for the community to discuss the designing of the project.

  • Those newer members who wish to provide feedback on the site without having to worry about discussion page etiquette can simply put their thoughts on the bottom of this page.
  • The BeyondUnreal Forums are a place where you can discuss and seek help for the different Unreal games.
  • The Links section is a compilation of different Unreal related sites.


  • What links here takes you to a special page that lists the pages on this wiki which contain a link to the current page. This is helpful when you are looking for pages of related information, or when you are refactoring wiki pages and need to check whether links to a page are still relevant after changes are made to it.
  • The related changes tool lists all recent changes in the pages linked to and from the current page. Recent changes to all relevant template pages are also included in the resulting page list.
  • Upload file brings up a special page that allows editors to upload images and other files to the wiki. Uploaded files can be linked from or embedded in wiki pages.
  • The special pages tool lists the special pages that allow you to do special things on the wiki. For example, a list of users registered with the wiki, statistics about the wiki such as the number of pages and number of page edits, system logs, a list of orphaned pages, and so on. These special pages are commonly generated when the special page is loaded rather than being stored in the wiki database.
  • You can view a printable version of a wiki page, which is simply a version of a page that is formatted to fit nicely on paper.
  • Permanent link links to the latest revision of a wiki page. Even if the page is revised, the link will continue to point to the same revision.

Page Tabs

The page tabs are displayed at the top of the article. These tabs allow you to perform actions that are related to the current article. The available actions include: viewing, editing, and discussing the current current article. The specific tabs displayed on your pages depend on whether or not you are logged into the wiki and whether you have admin privileges on the wiki. An example snapshot image of the page tabs is shown to the right.

  • <namespace>
    The main article.
  • discussion
    The discussion about the main article.
  • edit
    Allows you to edit the main article or it's discussion page, depending on which you are currently viewing.
  • history
    Allows you to view the revision history of the article or the discussion page.
  • move
    This renames or moves the page, leaving a redirect in it's place.
  • watch/unwatch
    This link will either add the page to your watchlist, or remove the page from your watchlist.

User Links

The user links are displayed at the bottom of the sidebar. These links allow the logged-in user to view and edit their user page and wiki preferences. Additionally, the user links allow the user to quickly access their contributions to the wiki and logout. For anonymous users the user links is replaced by a link to the wiki login page. An example snapshot image of the user links is shown to the right.

  • <username>
    This links to your user page which is where you can put information about yourself, store bits of information you want to remember or whatever else you fancy.
  • my talk
    This links to your discussion page, where people can leave messages for you.
  • my preferences
    Allows you to change your personal site preferences.
  • my watchlist
    A list of all pages that you are watching. Pages can be added to this list by clicking 'watch' at the top of the page.
  • my contributions
    A list of all contributions you have made to the wiki.
  • log out
    Click this link to log out of the wiki.