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Help:Starting New Pages

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There are three methods of starting a new page, detailed below. Remember to start a new page only if the following conditions are met:

  • There are no pages which already provide the same information.
  • You are ready to create the page, and you are planning to add more than just one or two sentences.
  • The article will be useful to people browsing the wiki. In other words, the article should be related to BeyondUnreal or an Unreal titled game.
  • The article is in the proper namespace. If it is about the wiki itself, it should be in the Liandri Archives namespace. If it is documentation about how to use the wiki, it should be in the Help namespace. Other articles should always be in the Main namespace.
  • The article uses proper wiki conventions. No attribution, no first person, etc. The title of the page should be relevant and no attribution should be found in the article.
  • The information in the article is correct and verifiable.
  • The page does not repeat information in other articles. Instead of repeating, it should link to many other wiki pages. For example, instead of describing Unreal Tournament 2004 in detail on the Rocket Launcher page, you should just link to the Unreal Tournament 2004 page.
  • Your article is not defaming or inflammatory towards another person or site.


The easiest way to create a page is to use the Go feature of the search box. Type the page name into the search box, hit GO, and click on the red link stating "You can create this page". This will take you to an edit page where you can add your new information.

If "Go" takes you to an existing page, then the information you want to add probably belongs on that page. Also, before clicking on "create this page" it is generally best to look through the page matches found by the search engine to see whether any of those pages is a better place to add your information.

After creating the article this way, be sure to remember to add links to the article from other appropriate wiki articles, otherwise other readers will not be able to find your article.


Another easy way to create a page is to start by creating a link to the page. First, click edit on an appropriate page, i.e., an existing wiki article that mentions your chosen topic. The simplest format for creating a link is:

[[My New Page]]

Save the page (or just preview the page) and the link should now appear in red. This means that the page does not exist, and clicking the link will bring you to an edit page. Copy or type your page here.

Note: If the link appears in blue, the page name you have chosen already exists. If it is about the same topic as your new page, edit the existing page instead of creating a new page. If the topics are different, then you will need to come up with a different name.