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Inventory Items

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During BotMatch games, all the items with charge cannot be deactivated.

  • Universal Translator
    Provides you with vital information, clues, and hints about the game. Whenever you encounter an item, the Translator can analyze and interpret, a message will display on your screen and your Translator icon will begin to flash. Hit F2 to activate your translator and read its analysis. Hit F2 again to deactivate the Translator when you are done.
  • Amplifier
    Dramatically increases the power of energy weapons (Dispersion Pistol and ASMD). Lasts after nine or eleven shots. In an unpatched Unreal, the damage boost was incredibly high to make any enemy die in one hit.
  • Dampener
    Deadens the sound emitted from your weapons making it much easier to launch sneak attacks. Given his functionability against monster pawns, these items can only be found in certain DM maps.
  • Flare
    Provides temporary light in dark areas when lit and tossed to the ground. You cannot hold onto a lit flare. Use a flare to add a temporary light to an area. Shooting a Flare makes it explode.
  • Flashlight
    Use a flashlight when you need to carry your light source with you. Flashlights have limited battery life, however, so keep an eye on the power meter. They last after a full minute.
  • Force Field
    Creates a temporary impenetrable, purple coloured and cylindrical-shaped barrier. Useful for blocking entryways and narrow corridors, and for use as a protective shield. It can be also used as an additional ledge in order to jump to higher places.
  • Invisibility
    Makes you temporarily invisible. When activated, a blue fog engulf your eyes. Remember that anyone will be able to see you after you make yourself spotted. If you shoot, you become visible for a while.
  • Jump Boots
    Activating the boots enables you to jump much higher than normal. Once picked up, the Boots will lose their charge as the time passes. Only three big jumps can be made, and you can suffer fall damage only from very high falls.
  • Scuba Gear
    Gives you the ability to breathe while underwater. Deactivating it while underwater makes you drown, so watch out.
  • Searchlight
    Functions like a flashlight, but has a nearly inexhaustible power supply and better illumination. You have it from the start in any DarkMatch game.
  • Nali Fruit Seed
    Pland one of these to grow a Nali Healing Fruit. Once the plant grows to full size, it can give you a 29-unit health boost. If you eat the plant before it is fully grown, your health gain will be less substantial.
  • Voice Box
    Creates a sound diversion to distract your enemies. Found only one time in the game and in some DM maps, the item is completely ignored by bots and monsters. Has effect on players trying to retreat from battles.