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Real Name Unknown
Race Human
Born: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Corporate Affiliation: Izanagi
Team: Ghost Legion
Weapon Preference: Unknown

Bio: Kana is a rising star in the Ghost Legion, reputed to have one of the most brilliant minds ever to grace a battlefield.

Kana is one of the two new characters introduced for the Xbox 360 version of UT3. She brings a new face and a new armor set to the Ronin females. Her armor bears some stylistic resemblances to Reaper's armor. She has a small tattoo around her right eye that bears a resemblance to the Nikita skin in Unreal, made famous by its use as Kira Argmanov in the single-player campaign. Her armor is asymetrical, having a triangular thigh pad on her right leg, and a triangular back-mounted armor piece that is angled to her left.

Kana was added to the PC version's roster as of Patch 2.0, and will come to the PS3 once the patch is released for that platform.