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This page will help you find pages that have been developed enough to warrant them being used as examples for further new pages in the same general category they are in. For example, you would look at DM-TrainingDay to see the general layout for a map page.

Game Pages

Example game pages: Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2004, Unreal Tournament 3

Game pages have a very simple layout and flow that we would like to keep consistent. If you need to add additional subsections, place them under a heading that makes the most sense. If you want to add a new section to an already created game page, please post in the Discussion page about it.

Map Pages

Example map pages: DM-TrainingDay, CTF-Maul, DOM-Aswan, ONS-Torlan, AS-Convoy

Map pages have different layouts depending upon the gametype the apply to. Make sure that you check out one of the example pages for the gametype you are working on before starting a new page for a map in that gametype. In the case where a particular gametype does not have any example maps created, please layout the pages like a gametype that is similar to the one you are creating pages for. For example, the main layout of a UT Domination map is going to be very similar to the layout for a UT2004 DDOM map.

Single Player Walkthrough Pages

Example pages: Vortex Rikers, NyLeve's Falls

Walkthrough pages do not have to follow any specific guidelines as far as page creation goes. They can include images or not, they can be formatted in any way that makes sense. The only guidelines that we have for them is to make sure that links to next and previous map are included (if necessary) such as in the examples above. We also would ask that all walkthrough pages for a particular game are written in a similar format to one another. For example, the Rrajigar Mine page should not look drastically different from the Vortex Rikers page, having the translator messages separated from the actual walkthrough.

Weapon Pages

Example weapon pages: Bio Rifle, Shock Rifle

Weapon pages all have a very similar layout. The most important thing to remember on these pages is that the main section headers are always the games in which the weapons appear. For example, the Bio Rifle page has headers for Unreal, Unreal Tournament, UT2003, Unreal Championship, UT2004 and Unreal Championship 2.

Gametype Pages

Example gametype pages: Onslaught, Capture The Flag

Gametype pages always have an inconsistent layout because every gametype is different. If you are adding a new gametype page, please use your best judgment in order to provide a layout that makes sense for the gametype in question.