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As you walk among the shattered ruins of the old retaining wall, the hip deep grass tugs at your clothes. The twisted skeleton of an ancient tree towers above you, giving lie to the fragile beauty that has slowly reclaimed the abandoned fueling station. There is still poison moving through the soil beneath your feet, and still many battles to scar the land.
map description
Screenshot of Maul
Full title Maul
Author(s) James Schmalz
Players 4-8
Games UT2003, UC, UT2004.
Gametype Capture the Flag

Map Description

The map is mostly symmetrical, however the terrain on each side is slightly different. This makes flag running on the blue side of the map slightly easier as the terrain slopes up a bit more naturally on the outer extremes of the map.

Weapons & Pickups


The following weapons can be found on this level:


Maul has a very limited selection of pickups. There is no armor and health is limited to two standard health pickups per side. This means the most health anyone can ever have under standard rules is 100 points.

Tips & tricks

Watch out for potshotters from the center hill on either side. One strategy that is often used is to begin to run around the power stations on either side (the big orby buildings) and then backtrack slightly to go around the other side. This will occasionally throw off people who are trying to cut you off. Another running method is to take the flag straight out the left side through the gulchy area.
There are a few spots on the map which make defense a bit easier. The most obvious is the center hill near the big rock. This location allows you to take potshots at the enemy flag carrier as well as get to either side of the map quickly to drop flak shells or pop combos. Another location that is often used is right in the flag room. Rockets are a good weapon to use in this location. Another place is above the flag room where you can snipe easily, but are a sitting duck.

Single-Player tips

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  • A howling wolf, an owl, and crickets can be heard in the background.
  • On high details, a waterfall can be seen behind the red base but not the blue.