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Key Policies

  • Treat others with respect. Remember you aren't the only person that is editing this wiki. Please be respectful to other users, and the content they produce.
  • Insulting and abusing other users is completely unacceptable on the wiki, and may result in being banned from the wiki.
  • Avoid excessive bias. While a certain degree of opinion is necessary for things like gameplay tips, articles should remain as fair and balanced as possible. Please present differing views equally and fairly in all articles.
  • Please provided sources for information whenever possible. This is particularly important on articles for games that are not yet released.
  • People won't always agree with what you put in the wiki. Please use discussion pages to resolve disputes peacefully. Persistent argument and edit battles may be met with a ban.
  • Please follow the Layout Guidelines.
  • Please try to limit the number of times you save a page. While it is understandable to make a few minor mistakes, please mark those mistakes as minor at the bottom of the page before saving. This is to reduce clutter on the Recent changes page.
  • When adding controversial information to an article, provide a reference in the "References" section of the page. If one does not exist, please create it.
  • Please do not upload images that are irrelevant to this wiki or lewd in any way.

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