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Shane Caudle

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Shane Caudle Is an Art Director/Level designer/ 3d Guy for Epic Games. Originally hired as a Level Designer, Shane now works as Technical Art Director, balancing his time between making actual game content, trying new techniques to speed Epic's pipeline and creating/refining the many tools Epic uses to create their latest games.

General Information

Born in 1972, Shane started making art for a living at the age of 17 (though he has been airbrushing since he was 12 just for fun). After a while he was offered a job at a company called Animotion, where he was introduced to CG. He then used CG for his own comic book series "Eye of the Storm", where he combined 3D rendered backgrounds with hand painted characters. During the creation of these books he also started making levels for games like Doom, Hexen and Quake. It wasn't long before he got multiple job offers, including one from Tim Sweeney. Tim sent Shane the tools to make a level using the Unreal Engine, Shane returned a level a few days later and got a job offer in return.

Shane was originally brought in as a Level Designer for Unreal, but his contributions for its sequel Unreal Tournament also include the creation of the Intro level, soldier models (+ skins), pickups (+ skins), weapons (+ skins) and the interface and HUD graphics. His duties shifted even more during the creation of the 2nd generation of Unreal games, where he spends most of his time developing the Unreal Engine's tools and doing Art Work for the latest games. He also still makes game content, but it's mostly limited to models, such as The Corrupt for Unreal Tournament 3

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