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The Shian were one of the three races dropped from the final version of Unreal 2: The Awakening along with the N and the Striders.

Shian Warrior Concept

Basic Idea

Originally one of the missions had the player investigating an underwater colony, which is where they meet the Shian. Described as jellyfish-like monstrosities, they used their psychic abilities to summon all the sea creatures in the area to serve in the battle.


The pawns ShianWorker and ShianWarrior appear in the editor that shipped with Unreal 2, but no code is contained within, and the model was replaced by a simple black cube.


The music of the Shian world is included in Unreal 2, and was never actually used in-game. The music files are:

  • Mission_07Ambient.ogg
  • Mission_07Battle.ogg
  • Mission_07Underwater.ogg

They give a good understanding of the atmosphere and the events developed there.


These quotes describe the Shian:

One of the scenarios for the singleplayer story is "the ocean floor of a world covered with water". These are the resident creatures.
Cleaned BeyondUnreal
The Shian are an underwater community (and the underwater regions look extremely cool). They appear to have lobster shells and tentacles, and communicate with you telepathically, in that your mind simply "hears what they're saying." Where this really comes into play is that they, just like fairy tale mermaids, are able to summon all the sea creatures in the area to serve in the battle. You'll spend a lot of time not fighting them directly, but instead fighting all the creatures that they're summoning from different parts of the ocean.
A floating crablike creature that resembles the Invid from Robotech fiction
Jellyfish like monstrosities

Sea creatures

These are the sea creatures that lived in the Shian ocean. There might have been more.

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