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{game} map description
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Full title Infobox Map
Game Unknown
Gametype Unknown

[Category:{gametype} maps|{title}] [Category:{game} maps]


The general syntax for this template is as follows:

{{Infobox Map|sortkey
| title       = 
| description = 
| mapimage    = 
| imagedesc   = 
| author      = 
| players     = 
| music       = 
| game        = 
| games       = 
| gametype    = 
| compact     = yes/no

All parameters are optional, but it's recommended to specify title, description, mapimage, players, game or games, and gametype.

The title parameter will fall back to the page name if not specified, mapimage falls back to a placeholder image, and imagedesc falls back to the map's title or the page name. The author, players and music fields will not be displayed if left out. The sortkey parameter should either be omitted entirely or be replaced with the map's file name without prefix. If omitted it is automatically replaced by the specified (or fallback) map title. The fields game and gametype should specify names of (not links to) the corresponding game and gametype the map was created for. The map will automatically be added to the corresponding game and gametype map categories. The games parameter can be used instead of game to specify more than one game for a map, but won't automatically like the games or add the map to the corresponding game map categories. It takes precedence over the game parameter in the map info table.

The compact parameter should be omitted instead of setting it to no. Setting it to yes causes following text to start right below the TOC block and flow around the map image block, while no causes following text to start below TOC and map image.

Example Usage

The following syntax would be used for the UT version of CTF-Face:

{{Infobox Map|Face
| title       = Facing Worlds
| description = This ancient asteroid has been converted to an Arena for
the Tournament. It is highly dangerous due to aberrant gravitational
properties and, of course, the snipers from the other team.
| mapimage    = CTF-Face.jpg
| author      = Cedric 'Inoxx' Fiorentino
| players     = 4-10
| music       = Forgone
| game        = Unreal Tournament
| gametype    = Capture the Flag