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Totally Unreal

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Totally Unreal is a compilation pack containing Unreal, Unreal - Return to Na Pali and Unreal Tournament GOTY Edition. Later revisions included the 436 patch and Bonus Pack 4 and two community mods, ChaosUT and Rocket Arena. It also included a preview disc containing media for both Unreal 2 and Unreal Championship. The package was released on August 30,2001.

Totally unreal box.jpg
PC Release Date August 30, 2001
Game Withdrawal Feburary 2007
Unreal Games Unreal Gold & Unreal Tournament

Release Details

  • August 30, 2001 - Initial release - 4 CDs containing:
    1) Unreal Gold 2) Unreal Tournament 3) UT Disc 2 4) Unreal 2 and UC Preview disc
  •  ?? - Atari Heroes Collection (AUS only)
    The Heroes Edition is almost exactly the same as the original; the only changes being it replaces the gold bars on the top and bottom of the cover with the green Atari Heroes border, and has a demo disc of other Atari Heroes games.

Additional Information


  • The fourth disc in the original US release had a typo in the ISO9660 title, naming it TU Bonus Disc.


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