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UnrealEd or the Unreal Editor, sometimes abbreviated as UEd, is a program produced by Epic Games for creating content for Unreal Engine games. It is a stand-alone program which allows level designers to create levels and import textures, sound, and other content.

UnrealEd 1 
Used for Unreal Engine 1 games, including Unreal and Unreal Tournament.
UnrealEd 2 
Also used for Unreal Engine 1 games, included with Unreal Tournament version 420 and the 227 patch for Unreal.
UnrealEd 3 
Used for Unreal Engine 2 games, such as UT2003 and UT2004.
Unreal Engine 3 Editor 
Used for Unreal Engine 3 games, such as Unreal Tournament 3.

Many other Unreal Engine games included modified versions of the editor.

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