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Unreal Anthology

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Unreal Anthology is the latest (as of July 2007) compilation of Unreal series games.



Unreal Anthology is published by Midway Games and was released (Midway press release ) on 31 October 2006.

Package Content

The following description refers to the UK edition of Unreal Anthology.


Unreal Anthology contains:

All items were at the latest patch status and in the case of UT2004, also included the Editor's Choice Edition content.


The package also contains an additional audio CD compilation of selected Unreal series music.

The tracks included:


  • Flightcastle
  • Shared Dig
  • Dusk Horizon
  • Bluff Eversmoking
  • Isotoxin
  • Unreal Temple (Crypt)

Unreal - Return to Na Pali

  • Black Wind

Unreal Tournament

  • Unreal Tournament Menu
  • Foregone Destruction
  • Go Down
  • Botpack Nine
  • Mechanism Eight
  • Skyward Fire
  • Razorback
  • The Course

Unreal Tournament 2004

  • UTMenu Redux
  • Ghost of Anubis
  • Infernal Realm
  • Assault
  • Arena
  • From Below
  • Sniper Time
  • Onslaught One

Additional Information

The Unreal Anthology version of Unreal Tournament omitted the additional CD of S3TC high resolution textures that was present in the original release.

The Unreal Anthology version of Unreal is not compatible with existing servers running version 225 of Unreal unless patched. A community generated patch is available that replaces the problematic Unreal Anthology files with versions from Unreal Gold

Additional community generated patches to address other problems or assist with the Unreal Anthology version of Unreal were:


The Unreal Anthology package had a PEGI rating of 16+.

The Unreal Anthology package had a ESRB rating of Mature.