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What can I say? I'm yet another bread-and-butter Unreal player. Except that I absolutely suck at it. For example, I'm copletely unable to use shock combos without staying perfectly still. On the other hand, I can defeat Godlike bots on Instagib 100% of the time.

  • UT

Favorite weapons: Sniper + Flak. Preferably the former.

  • UT2004

Favorite vehicle: RAPTOR POWA!!!

I'm also experimenting with mapping. So far none of my extremely ambicios projects were finished, but I'm still trying anyway to come up with totally crazy ideas. For example, I'm thinking about creating an indoor Onslaught map. Or a standard CTF map designed to be played with HUGE amounts of bots (think about dozens on each team). True, it wouldn't be a good idea for 2004, but the original is good enough for this purpose. Now that I mention it, does anybody knows the maximum amount of bots UT can handle? I have a dual-core CPU and 200 bots with Plasma Guns didn't even break a sweat.

I found out just how much fun is the UT2004 Ballistic Weapons mod. It brings UT to a whole new dimension! Most weapons have three attack modes and pistols can be dual-wielded! Weapon list:

  • X3 Knife (secondary: stab, tertiary: throw)
  • A909 Skrith Armblade (secondary: stab, tertiary: block)
  • EKS43 Katana (secondary: strike, tertiary: block)
  • M806 Pistol (secondary: laser sight)
  • D49 Cobra (secondary: fire both barrels, tertiary: laser sight)
  • AM67 Assault Pistol (secondary: blinding flash)
  • A42 Skrith Sidearm (secondary: insta-hit beam, has unlimited ammo)
  • RS8 Pistol (secondary: silencer, tertiary: laser sight)
  • M763 Shotgun (secondary: bash with stock)
  • M290 Shotgun (primary: dual-barrel, secondary: mono-barrel)
  • MRS138 Combat Shotgun (secondary: mounted tazer, tertiary: mounted flashlight)
  • MRT6 Shotgun Pistol (primary: dual-barrel, secondary: mono-barrel)
  • XK2 SMG (secondary: silencer)
  • XRS-10 MP (secondary: laser sight, tertiary: silencer)
  • Fifty-9 MP (secondary: mounted blades, tertiary: toggle stock to increase accuracy while standing still)
  • M50 Assault Rifle (secondary: grenade launcher, tertiary: place remote camera (!))
  • A73 Skrith Assault Rifle (secondary: mounted blades, primary fire repairs vehicles and power nodes)
  • SRS-900 Battle Rifle (secondary: tactical scope, tertiary: silencer)
  • M353 MG (secondary: deploy tripod mount to turn it into a very accurate stationary gun)
  • M925 MG (secondary: deploy tripod mount, has less ammo but more damage than the M353)
  • XMV-850 Minigun (secondary: deploy tripod mount, insanely fast RoF)
  • R78A1 Sniper Rifle (secondary: scope)
  • M75-TIC Railgun (secondary: scope, tertiary: thermal scope, full charge can blow away a tank in one shot)
  • G5 RPG (secondary: laser painter, sights: heat-seeking missile in mortar-style, vehicles die from one hit)
  • RX22A Flamethrower (secondary: unignited fuel spray, backpack is a combat hazard, very CPU-intensive)
  • HVC-Mk9 Lightning Gun (primary: white lightning that tracks targets, secondary: red lightning with splash damage, extreme hazard in water)
  • NRP57 Frag Grenade (primary: throw, secondary: roll, tertiary: release fuse, Use: kick grenade away)
  • FP7 Incendiary Grenade (primary: throw, secondary: roll, tertiary: release fuse, Use: kick grenade away)
  • T10 Gas Grenade (primary: throw, secondary: roll, tertiary: release fuse, Use: kick grenade away)
  • FP9A5 Satchel Charge (primary: deploy, secondary: detonate selected, tertiary: bomb>tripmine, reload: detonate all)
  • BX5-SM Mine (primary: deploy, secondary: switch between standard/jumping: one standard can take out a tank, jumping is better if enemy is on foot)

In general, the whole mod is excellent in Onslaught! Why (to prevent confusion, "Lightning Gun" here means the mod's weapon, not the stock Lightning Rifle)?

  • Power Nodes and key chokepoints can be mined to prevent the enemy from proceeding (the AI lays mines too).
  • The G5 can easily outclass the AVRiL when it comes to destroying vehicles. Sure, the AVRiL doesn't need to be reloaded after every two shots, but the G5 can kill a fully repaired Goliath in one hit (the chance of a Goliath shooting down a G5 is negligible! However, the AI doesn't use the tracking function...
  • The A73 can easily supplant the Link Gun because it performs repair jobs much faster.
  • The HVC-Mk9 is essential if there are Goliaths on the map. Why? Goliath rushes usually proceed with teammates providing constant repair via Link Guns. However, an expert Manta pilot can dodge the cannon shells, kill the repairers and knock out the tank without getting hit. The Lightning Gun's primary fire however can TOTALLY IMMOBILIZE Mantas, Scorpions, Raptors and even Cicadas! What's more, the gun can also move the target without resistance, meaning that expert gunners will catch the Manta and bring it in the tank's line of fire. Conversely, enemy G5 wielders can be grabbed and thrown away, distrupting their laser painter's aim, thereby redirecting the missile away from the tank (the only thing that can withstand a direct G5 hit is a Paladin's shield and a Leviathan). The UT2004 tutorial says that "the Shield Gun can be particularly powerful in team-oriented matches"; in my opinion, the same is true to the Lightning Gun in Onslaught.

Anyone with modding experience, I plea for your help. I found out just how much fun the Evarena mod is and am in the process of converting it into a mutator so that it can be played on regular UT2k4 maps. I have some spawning problems I can't fix: since the guns' coding makes them unusable outside the mod's gamemodes due to assuming the incorrect Owner class, I had to write subclasses that work correctly. Problem is, the mutator still spawns the old guns yet console spawns the new ones. Assistance required!

In fact, the site says that the mod was created as a proof-of-concept bachelor’s degree synthesis project. Since the creators have obviously abandoned it, I propose contacting them and overtaking the mod. I think I can handle coding but need modelers.

Question: does anyone know a way to play the singleplayer mode of UT2004 with mods? Not Instant Action, I'm talking about Tournament mode.