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Greetings. My name is Hyper and I'm active in the Unreal (The original Unreal most people refer to as Unreal 1 nowadays) community since 1999. For many years I was just another Deathmatch player but in 2003 I 'discovered' cooperative play and decided to make my own Unreal coop server. This was where I learned to know the small but driven community behind the aging game. I received a never imagined amount of support which allowed me to create a great gaming experience for anyone who joined my server. Over the years I worked together with many developers and scripters, allowing me to have the latest add-ons and game types and allowing them to have a valuable real-life testing field for their projects. Nowadays I run 4 Unreal servers with different game types. Coop is still my main focus with my 'HyperCoop' servers. I also run a website with much background information and resources for dedicated Unreal players. My interest in cooperative play eventually brought me into buying my first MMORPG game: Guild Wars.

For more info on my Unreal activities and servers, see my Unreal website. For more info on my Guild Wars activities, see my Guild Wars Wiki user page