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Right, here's a little sumthing-sumthing about yours truly:

His Story

Unreal Tournament for me was the introduction to FPS games, and "mature" games in general (I had mainly been playing games like Rollercoaster Tycoon and Spyre the Dragon up until then). 2 years after its release I was finally able to buy a PC that was able to run it properly. I spent most of my spare time playing that game, or messing around in UEd (which started with conversions of map, but later on moved to small custom maps). What sucked for me, however, was that UT2003 was released a year later. So I again saved up for a new rig (which took 1 year this time) and I've been playing on the same machine since. I'll probably upgrade to a new (UT3-worthy) rig within a few weeks.

Along with the new 2004 rig, I was also finally connected to the internet. I quickly joined BuF and my mapping activities were moved to the new engine. It wasn't long before I was making/releasing custom maps for Fraghouse Invasion (a UT2004 mod), which landed me a spot on the team. As time and modding projects went by, I started to develop myself in other areas of modding, such as 3d-modeling and texturing. I also tried my hand at making music, but other than a good track or 3, I have not been very fruitful at that (though I have been trying lately to brush up on that). The few personal projects I had left (including a very spiffy UE2 remake of the Unreal level Na Pali Haven) were pretty much put to a halt when I went to uni to study architecture. Who knows, I may some day finish one of the projects. I doubt it though.

Activities on the Archives

I suppose that'll keep me busy for a while


Leave a comment on my Talk Page if it's related to the Archives. If not, my contact details are on my BuF profile page