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  • Unreal player and ocassional mapper/modder since 2001, previously having a short experience with Unreal beta in 98 and Unreal special edition demo found on sound blaster drivers CD as bonus.
Some of the significant projects off past which I contributed into, or made: 
   - BloodGate episodes set (never released and finished and most lost during data loss)
   - Various conversions and remakes, the most widely known being UT classic map pack 3, 
     together with LightningHunter, previously found on nalicity and fileworks, during data 
     loss on Beyondunreal only on offsite locations.
   - Made other mods and mutators in free time and for fun, mainly for use in certain servers,
     and coding and map fixing/coop support for Redeem your Space project.


- Few map releases for Unreal/UT level design contests, including Scorched Castle for 
20-brush contest (scored a second place) and Isle of Sharighar for the UnrealSP anniversary contest. 
- Working on a rework of Unreal Playstation version aka Rise Of Jrath, having all exclusive content. 
Has moddb page as well.