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Random community member that joined BeyondUnreal late December 2004, but only started posting actively on the boards since May 2007.

Has been a huge fan of the Unreal franchise since he started playing Unreal Tournament at eight years old. Being the noob that he was, he didn't know at that time that there was this phenomenon of "playing online with other real people". As a result, he has only ever really played UT versus bots. Regardless, this is still his all-time favorite game to date and he has followed the Unreal franchise ever since being introduced to it. While never having played Unreal and thus having missed a vital part of the Unreal storyline, he has still gathered enough information to know a bit or more about the how's, who's and what's of Unreal Tournament. He has been actively following all the news around UT3 and knows quite a bit about the basic development of the game. In general he focusses most on the characters and maps aspects, as these are his favorite parts to monitor.

Has aspired mapping since UT2004, but never got to actually creating something. Being absolutely anti-technical, he does not know all that much about computer technology or any other programmes that could get him started into forging his ideas. Has been keeping a list of possible cool names to call his maps, may they ever come.

He could previously be found online as [FnG]Mastame but nowadays goes by the nickname of Daodan. Today, primarily plays on specific funservers that host (racing) Assault and InstaGib CTF.