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  • Longtime member of the forums from 2002 to 2006.
  • Became less active as a poster when he migrated to the news staff.
  • Became less active at news staff as Mark Rein continually shot down his articles.
  • Now helps to set up and maintain wiki information, and will post news from time to time as long as he can verify he's not double-posting or referring to some French website using UE3 screenshots from three years ago.
  • Also attends FragBU sporadically, but is disillusioned with the lack of ONS and AS gaming that takes place, and the fact that ColaWars seems to have gone missing from the server. There's only so much Maul, Orbital, Grendel one man can take, especially when he sucks at CTF.
  • Designed the FragBU adaptation of ColaWars for UT2004.