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Necris troops flood down to Taryd every day through a massive Orbital Jumpgate. They've begun the process of terraforming the once barren lands of northern Taryd into a Necris stronghold. Strange structures are literally growing out of the snow, and nanoblack is pouring down from orbit to infect and change the landscape.
Unreal Tournament 3 map description
Screenshot of Avalanche
Full title Avalanche
Players 6-10
Music RomUT07_A
Game Unreal Tournament 3
Gametype Warfare

Map Description

Weapons & Pickups

Key guide of WAR-Avalanche by KurlonT.


12x Weapon locker A

  • Located at:
    • Both bases (2 by base)
    • Both prime nodes (2 by base)
    • East node (1)
    • West node (1)
    • Center node (2)
  • Content:
    • Link Gun
    • Shock Rifle
    • Rocket Launcher

2x Weapon locker B

  • Located at:
    • Near Red Prime Node (1 by side)
    • Near both bases (1 by side)
  • Content:
    • Shock Rifle
    • Rocket Launcher

Other places

  • 8x Sniper Rifle (one at each node, -sans Center node- one along each Locker B and one along each turret)
  • AVRiL (one along each Locker B)


  • 14x Health Pack (4 at each base; 2 at each Prime Node; 2 at the Center Node)
  • 4x Thighpads (2 at each base)
  • 2x Shaped Charge (1 at each base)
  • 3x Orb (at each base, and also at the Center node)
  • 2x Sniper Ammo (along Sniper Rifle and Locker B)


  • 4 x Beam Turret (2 at Center node and 1 along each base)
  • 1 x Darkwalker (at East node)
  • 1 x Goliath (at West node)
  • 2 x Hellbender (at Red base)
  • 2 x Manta (at Red Base)
  • 1 x Nemesis (at Blue base)
  • 1 x Nightshade (at Blue base)
  • 2 x Scavenger (at Center node)
  • 2 x Scorpion (at Blue Prime Node)
  • 6 x Viper (4 at Blue base, and 2 at the Blue Prime Node)

Tips & tricks

  • The east and west nodes, when captured by the same team, cause a massive tentacle to latch on to the opposing team's Prime Node, slowly sapping its health away. If the other team is not paying attention, they could be forced back to their prime node, which can be devastating to their offense if they're currently at the enemy prime node and attacking your core.
  • The Shaped Charge in this map can be used to destroy a barricade holding back a mountain of snow. When this happens an avalanche will occur (Hence the map name) and will wipe out the prime node, support nodes, and anyone in its path. Each base has one of these barricades, and they can only be used once per round each, so use them wisely. This objective only becomes available when the enemy team controls your prime node and your core is vulnerable. When this happens, the shaped charge spawns in your base. Keep in mind you cannot fire any other weapons while carrying the shaped charge. Even after the avalanche has been used, the shaped charge will spawn again if the enemy team captures the prime node again. While you cannot cause another avalanche, you can still use the Shaped Charge to great effect with careful placement- It can instantly destroy nodes, kill players in a small area, and even the powercore, if you should manage to be able to get close enough to it with one.

Campaign Info


Alright listen up. We're winning this war Ronin. We've pushed the necris back to their ingress- that huge infection tube in the mountains. It connects to their orbital platform and a jumpgate to Omicron 6. Our dearest friend, the high inquisitor Akasha, recalled all teams for a delaying action while *she* heads home. Heh. Not on our watch. We're gonna break-ranks and take out their core before that bitch bugs out on us.

Mission Objectives

  • Link together Nodes to access the enemy Core.
  • Nodes inside the cavern are crucial to controlling the battlefield.
  • Simultaneously control both Cave Nodes to summon an infection tube that drains the Enemy Prime Node.
  • A shaped charge is available in emergency situations.
  • Use the shaped charge to release an avalanche that buries enemies and unlocks your Prime Node.

Voice Chat

(At the beginning of the match)

Othello: Sweet! We're going snowboarding!
Jester: And the snowbunnies are waiting for you at the lodge...
Reaper: Yeah, the big BLUE lodge. We'll meet you there.

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