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There's a small Tarydium mine buried deep in the trees of this old forest. While it's not large enough to be a major source of income for the Axon, they have been known to use it as a supply depot and refueling center for their shipping convoys.
Unreal Tournament 3 map description
Full title Serenity
Players 6-10
Music RomUT05_A
Game Unreal Tournament 3
Gametype Warfare

Map Description

Weapons & Pickups




Tips & tricks

Campaign Info


Mission Objectives

Win this match to unlock the Iron Guard card.

Voice Chat

(At the beginning of the match)

Bishop: There is that Leviathan, and now has to play there in.
Othello: Is he serious? There's a Leviathan?!
Reaper: Focus on that mine to the east. We need that beast!

(Axon's Leviathan spawns)

Bishop: May those who curse days curse that day. Those who are ready to rouse the Leviathan.
Jester: Huh? What are you babbling about?
Reaper: Enemy Leviathan. Incoming!

(Ronin's Leviathan spawns)

Bishop: Canst thou draw out Leviathan with a hook?
Jester: Everybody in! This thing is unstoppable with a full crew!
Reaper: By the numbers people. Let's move!

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