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Congratulations, and welcome to the Ascension Rites semi-finals. The winner of this match will go to the finals. It's between you and Selket's boy-toy, Apophis. Make him pay.

Match name: Semi-Final
Gametype: Deathmatch
Rivals: Apophis
Time Limit: 12
Goal Score: 10

The map is played in a special version of DM-Praxis.

Win this match to unlock Apophis as a bot.


Robot commentator: What an incredible match. Fine performances by all, but three competitors will go home empty-handed. Malcolm, are you surprised to see Anubis in the semi-finals?
Malcolm: Nah! He has fighting in his blood - from his grandmother, the late Empress Seshafi.
Robot commentator: But he turned his back on his family's tradition, not to mention his arranged marriage with Selket, eight years ago.
Malcolm: Skipping the Tourney was one thing, but pissing off a chick like Selket was suicidal. I bet she's dying to meet him in the arena.
Robot commentator: Well, that would be exciting, but all the semi-final matchups are completely random.
Malcolm: Yeah, random.

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