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This is why you're here, the final round of the Ascension Rites. Now you understand what it was like for your grandmother, and all the great champions in your line. Following Nakhti tradition, this fight is to the death, no time limit. The last kill will be for real; all respawn systems will be deactivated. The winner is crowned Emperor, and the loser will be forgotten by sunset.

Match name: Finals
Gametype: Deathmatch
Rivals: Selket
Time Limit: 0
Goal Score: 13

The map is played in a special version of DM-Legacy.

Win this match to unlock Selket, Anubis, and their ladders.


We see a quick look to the Capitol. Then, we're transported to the Arena's hallways, where both Anubis and Selket are preparing themselves to their final match.

Selket: Nervous? If you're feeling faint, you should sit down.
Anubis: I'll manage.

Selket approaches Anubis.

Selket: Last chance to run. Coward.
Anubis: The only thing I ever feared was what I saw in your heart. I tested you. And you failed.
Selket: I failed? You were the one who turned tail and ran.
Anubis: Your power-mad family arranged our marriage. But I didn't cared about that. I loved you. I left the Tournament to see what you wanted more: an emperor, or a husband.
Selket: Excuses. You were afraid. Weak.
Anubis: Believe what you want. Yeah, I left the Tournament. But you left me. And I didn't want to rule without you.
Selket: I was a foolish girl with a crush. My family stopped me for chasing after you, and I thank them every day.
Anubis: Your family stopped you?
Selket: They're waiting. Time to go.
Anubis: Let them wait. I've waited for years. We don't have to...
Selket: No... more... lies!

Selket enters to the arena. Anubis as well.

Anubis: I wish there were another way.

Both of them then are teleported to the arena.

Selket: The Liandri will lead us out of the dark ages. Tradition means nothing to our people. I am the future now.
Anubis: They're in for a surprise.
Selket: The old ways are dead. You'll just have to die along with them.


As the rules said, the last shot was for real. Anubis killed her love. He won the crown, but at the same time, he laments every thing he had to do to stop her...

Selket: You really... loved me?... I wish I had... [dies]

Robot commentator: ...incredible Ascension Rites comes to a close. Congratulations again to the new emperor. We'll resume daily coverage at the Liandri Grand Tournament in a few weeks.
Malcolm: Good night everybody

Anubis is teleported outside of the arena.

Liandri officer: Emperor Anubis. We have so much to do! There's the coronation, your interview schedule...
Anubis: I was here to stop her, not to win. And now I've lost everything.
Liandri officer: Don't be silly, your ratings are amazing! WE'd be honored to sponsor you in the Grand Tournament.
Anubis: Fuck your tournament. I'm through.
Liandri officer: It needn't end this way. She needn't end this way. Not even the Nakhti emperor can afford the Necris process.
Anubis: But you could... is that what you mean?
Liandri officer: Exactly. You keep winning, we keep paying.
Anubis: A deal with the devil.
Liandri officer: It's all a matter of perspective.
Anubis: Do it. I don't deserve to lead these people.
Liandri officer: No need to worry. We'll take care of things while you're away.

And while Anubis exits from the Arena...

Liandri officer: "Fuck your tournament". That's perfect! We'll use it in the press release.

Anubis is then crowned emperor of the Nakhti... with a necrified Selket alongside him... and a Liandri officer beside him.

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