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Sobek joins you for the trip to the Nakhti capitol, where you will register for the Ascension Rites. It's a long ride from the Imperial Legion base in the Nakhti Barrens, and it's good to have company.

Match name: Road to the Capitol
Gametype: Training


Anubis and Sobek are going to the Capitol. Suddenly, they got ambushed...

Anubis: Sobek, we have company!
Sobek: What the...?

(They get shot and fall. Cut to the Liandri HQ)

Liandri Officer: Hmmm... Another little firebrand, just like Selket. Decisions, decisions.


The player must kill all the guards of the level in order to proceed.


(Back to Anubis and Sobek, they get on their own again, and continue)

Sobek: That was fun. Bots make for good target practice.
Anubis: I look forward to thanking the Liandri personally.
Sobek: Your funeral.

(They stop, and look to their destination.)

Sobek: Are you sure about this... about her?
Anubis: I know her better than any other man. She must be stopped.
Sobek: Maybe she's changed.
Anubis: Selket is a viper. Her family wants the power of the scepter, not the duties of the throne.
Sobek: Then you're gonna need somebody watchin' your six, kid. And I mean in the Tourney too. Need a partner.
Anubis: I've already found a partner. A Legionnaire, in fact.
Sobek: Really? Okay, fine, y'ain't gonna tell me everything.
Anubis: You'd like him. An ornery, washed up sergeant. Too stupid to retire. Great shot, though.
Sobek: Oh, sure, I'll partner with ya. But you gotta keep up.

(Sobek moves from the scene, while Anubis looks at the Capitol again.)

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