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Your good friend Sobek refreshes you on the basics of tactical movement and combat.

Match name: Basic Training
Gametype: Training


Site: Nakhti Barrens Outpost 21A Military Patrol

[TV] Commentator: ...the Liandri Corporation for arranging this tournament to select your new emperor. Thank you for the opportunity to sponsor and improve upon your noble tradition...
Sobek: Another crap patrol for the best of the Imperial Legion.
Anubis: I have friends in higher places.
Sobek: Yeah, the kind of friends who put scorpions in your boots.
[TV] Commentator: ...the Ascension Nights will also be treated as a tournament qualifying round. The finalists will be invited to the Liandri Grand Tournament, which will take place right here in Nakhti space.
[TV] Malcolm: With a brutal fight to the death.

(Cut to the above duo again)

[TV] Malcolm: ...get crowned emperor of the Nakhti planet.

[TV] Commentator: Let's hear a few words from Selket.
Anubis: Selket?
[TV] Selket: This is a historic day for my people. The Liandri will bring the attention of the entire galaxy to my world...
Nakhti soldier: She certainly got me at attention!
Nakhti soldier 2: You ain't kiddin'. Look at that!
[TV] Selket: ...It's an honor and a privilege to compete for Ascension. I only hope I can maintain our ancestor a standard of excellence...
Sobek: Oh, shit.

(Anubis turns on the soldier next to him and threat him)

Anubis: Got something to say, soldier? Speak up!
Nakhti soldier: What the hell!
Sobek: Easy Anubis! C'mon, set him down, sir. They didn't know.

(Anubis and Sobek leave the area)

Anubis: I won't allow Selket to do this.
Sobek: You two got history. I know that. But she ain't gonna ask your permission.
Anubis: I leave for the capitol in the morning. Keep the men out of trouble.
Sobek: Forget it. All that political bullshit you left behind? It's a hundred times worse now with Liandri on the picture.
Anubis: No. She wanted me in the Tournament so badly. Now she gets her wish.
Sobek: If you're serious you gonna need help. And I've been in the Tourney.
Anubis: You weren't in the last Ascension Rites.
Sobek: Nah. I ain't exactly emperor material. But I did spend a few years on the Liandri circuit.
Anubis: When will you stop surprising me?
Sobek: When you start payin' attention. Figure I can show you a few tricks.
Anubis: So be it. We start tonight.

The tutorial


Selket learnt of Anubis entrance in the Rites. Needless to say, she isn't exactly happy. Cue a scene in the Liandri HQ.

[Screen] Selket: I thought we had a deal!
Liandri Officer: Ah, whatever do you mean, dear Selket?
[Screen] Selket: Anubis! He's in the Tourney.
Liandri Officer: By tradition, your Ascension Rites are open to everyone.
[Screen] Selket: I told you before. I want him out.
Liandri Officer: Hmmm... His file says he comes from a strong line of champions. But he hasn't had much success.
[Screen] Selket: He's a coward. Ten years ago, he dropped out of the tourney and ran like a dog.
Liandri Officer: Joined the Legion, I see. Left his young bride behind as well. But you knew that, didn't you?
[Screen] Selket: Just take care of it.

(Selket beats a random soldier and the screens shuts up)

Liandri Officer: Oh, we will, no need to worry!

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