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Finally, an opportunity to relax after a tough match, and meet some of the other competitors outside of the ring.

Match name: A Moment's Reprieve
Gametype: Tutorial


Anubis walks through the arena's galleries, where we hear a flashback from Selket:

Selket: The crown isn't meant for cowards, and neither am I.

Then, he encounters Malcolm.

Malcolm: Hey, kid.
Anubis: Malcolm.
Malcolm: Yeah. Listen - I want you for my team in the real tourney. For Thunder Crash.
Anubis: Thanks, but this is my home. Even if I do qualify, it ends here.
Malcolm: Smart. Get out if you can. But you're too hot for your own good.

(Apophis appears)

Apophis: Anubis! Face me!

(Malcolm quits)

Anubis: You must be Apophis. Great.
Apophis: Selket asked me to deliver a gift. I wanted to beat you in the Tourney, but I'll settle for this.
Anubis: Speaking of settling... how is Selket?
Apophis: Get him! Rip him apart!

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