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Real Name Unknown
Race Human
Born: 2261
Place of Birth: Earth
Corporate Affiliation:  ???
Team: Thunder Crash
Weapon Preference: No Preference
FenTech's finest creation, Malcom is an engineered warrior enhanced by chemicals. Adrenaline stimulants, synaptic catalysts, and impulse regulators combine to create as superhuman killing machine.
Needs no introduction - most famous veteran of the Tournaments, recognized on every planet. With the typical calm pride of the Earth-born, and strong sense of loyalty, Malcolm is a true survivor and born leader.
During the off-season, Tournament stars and team captains are often recruited by the major corporations to serve as consultants for training or leading their paramilitary security forces. With so much at stake on the planet Taryd, the Izanagi Corporation made a massive investment, recruiting tournament champion Malcolm as commander of their security forces. Malcolm: a true survivor and born leader, a nine-time champion whose face is recognized on every planet in the galaxy.
The most famous Tournament player, Malcolm is a nine-time Champion whose face is recognized on every planet in the galaxy. His winning streak (and his spine) was snapped a few years ago by a crushing blow delivered by Gorge in the tournament finals. Malcolm never regained his former agility, but makes up for it with decades of experience. The Liandri use him extensively as a color commentator in their pre-game shows.

Malcolm (called Malcom in UT) is a Human warrior and a long-time Unreal Tournament champion.


Malcolm was designed by FenTech Incorporated, who entered him in the Liandri Grand Tournament as leader of Thunder Crash. He becomes famous for defeating longtime champion Xan Kriegor in 2293 (UT).

He remains champion for nine consecutive years, until his defeat at the hands of the Juggernaut Gorge in 2302 (UT2003), who breaks Malcolm's spine in the process. Malcolm never fully recuperates, but keeps participating in the Tournaments. Since then the Liandri uses him as color commentator in their pre-game shows. During the 523rd Nakhti Ascension Rites (UC2) he meets Anubis and invites him into Thunder Crash, but Anubis declines.

It is possible, given Malcolm's affiliation with the Liandri during the Ascension Rites tournament, that this offering was an attempt by the Liandri presence on the planet to get Anubis out of the way without having to pit him against Selket. Selket was already in Liandri's pocket, and while they were probably fairly confident that they could buy Anubis over by manipulating his grief for his dead love (presuming he won the final match to the death against Selket,) he was a much less certain thing. So if Liandri could associate Anubis with Thunder Crash, it might prevent him from pushing on to the finals and potentially disrupting their plans to gain political control over the Nakhti planet via Selket, and avoid the potential risk altogether, as well as maintaining both competitors (and their high ratings) without becoming involved with the Phayder.

Early-on, it is established that the Liandri liaison is attempting to decide between Selket and Anubis, and the match leading up to the Selket fight is artificially tilted in Anubis' favor. Most likely, once Anubis refused Malcolm's offer, and Liandri realized Anubis' dedication to his ancestry, they concluded that he couldn't be bought out so easily, and they decided to bank on him being easily manipulated after the finals as a result of his prior relationship with Selket.

If this is true, then it is consistent with Malcolm's actions in UT3 (where he sells out Reaper and his team to the Phayder to protect the Izanagi Corporation from potential legal damages caused by Ronin's brash actions,) and with the typical Unreal story-telling style, where characters are rarely all good or all evil, but simply act on their own motivations. Malcolm may come off as a heroic character style on the surface, but he knows how to play the game with the corporations. To him the Tournament is simply business, no matter whose lives may be destroyed in the process.

Malcolm in the Tournament


  • 2293 (UT)
  • 2294
  • 2295
  • 2296
  • 2297
  • 2298
  • 2299
  • 2300
  • 2301


  • His voice actor in Unreal Championship 2 is Patrick Amos, otherwise known as the Corporal Pierce, from Walker Texas Ranger.
  • In Unreal Tournament 3, he's voiced by Greg Eagles (Gray Fox from Metal Gear Solid; Grim, from The Grim Adventures Of Billy and Mandy) Hilariously, he also voiced Sgt. Morris in Quake IV, belonging to the Quake franchise, which are rivals with the Unreal franchise.