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The Arena mutator is a mutator present in every Tournament and Championship game which replaces the game's weapons and ammo with a specific one. The Instagib mutator can be considered part of this, to some extent.

Unreal Tournament

The Arena mutator as per se doesn't exists here. Instead, five different mutators allow the players to play with specific weapons. These are:

Deathmatch ladder
Mutator Weapon
Shock Rifle Arena Shock Rifle
Pulse Arena Pulse Gun
Flak Arena Flak Cannon
Rocket Launcher Arena Rocket Launcher
Sniper Rifle Arena Sniper Rifle

There are two extra Arena mutators in the game's code, which aren't available without modifying the file

Deathmatch ladder
Mutator Weapon
Impact Hammer Arena Impact Hammer
Minigun Arena Minigun


This time, Epic decided to get rid of the above, and put all the Arena mutators into a single, configurable mutator.

In order to choose the weapon, you must go to the Mutators tab, and then to the button Configure Mutator. There, you have a droplist where you can choose the weapon.

Unreal Tournament III

This mutator is present again, but under a different name, Weapon Replacement.