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Figured out it'd about time I do a page about me. :P

This unrealer (?) is from Argentina, he's 26 y.o., loves the entire Unreal series, from Unreal all the way to Unreal Tournament 3. His edits focuses on fan-like stuff such as story bits, trivia and the like. However, he also placed a lot of data where it belonged.

(This thing of being a Third Person Person doesn't help in anything...)

Also a troper. (?) BEWARE: Time-sucking site. Enter at your own risk.

I'll place something else later.

Here there be Unreal bookmarks and links for future use...

Articles for Trivia

Articles for Tips & tricks/Strategy

Rescued articles

These articles couldn't be found in the Web Archives, but I had a backup of the articles. They'll be replicated in this wiki for archive reasons.